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Access Modern Warfare Open Beta For Free

Welcome to a short news story for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta access.

It’s that time of year again that we all wait for every year, no, no, not Christmas, it’s COD time. With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare just on the horizon, its global release on 25th of October across PS4, Xbox One and PC, and is published by Activision.

With a totally remastered and reimagined remake of our most loved Modern Warfare title, recapturing our hearts with old favourites such as Captain Price and Soap. More exciting than ever, it will get your heart racing and your trigger fingers itching, with a more intense story, innovative gameplay adding a cooperative mode to allow your own team of friends. Also not forgetting their action-packed multiplayer with prestige mode for hours of fun. See more from Call of Duty here. Or check out the trailer below.

Now is the time to really get yourself warmed up with the final beta access to Modern Warfare starting Thursday 19th and continuing on until Monday the 23rd on PlayStation 4, but PC and Xbox start their free beta access from Friday 20th unless preordering the game. They have given access to the multiplayer portion of the game with three modes, Quick Play; a rotation of modes and maps, Cyber Attack; retrieve an EMP deploy at your enemies base, and finally Gunfight; small teams pitted in multi-round cage matches. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to get your hands dirty in this free weekend playing the Call of Duty multiplayer beta.

In all honesty, I was sceptical about this Call of Duty, I buy it time after time and have for years but its quality has slowly seeped out and I find myself less than impressed for my money. Looking again at another rinse and repeat title I started the beta with low expectations, wondering if the same spawn killing madness was going to dominate my play, alas I was surprised its textures look newer, it doesn’t quite feel like cod yet somehow it still does. Taking me a few attempts to get my stride, adjusting to the new environment and this new feel, I found myself slowly picking up pace and started to play with some essence of skill, getting kills with a handful of weapons. The graphics were top-notch and better than I was anticipating, thinking we were doomed to more old maps that have been well over used, I found myself refreshed as they surprisingly felt new and different.

Again take this opportunity to enjoy this free Beta access, especially if you have doubts about this edition.

Check out my gameplay below.