Aldred Knight Of Honor
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Aldred Knight Of Honor Available To Pre-Order Now

QUByte has today announced that its upcoming 2D adventure game, Aldred Knight Of Honor is available to pre-order on the Nintendo Switch eShop in time for its October 8th launch in Northern America and Europe.

A 2D adventure game, Aldred Knight Of Honor sees you taking on the role of Aldrid, the most powerful swordsman of the divine flame. Your journey will bring you across powerful bosses and tough obstacles that need to be overcome in order to save the kingdom from an evil force.

Aldred Knight Of Honor

Progression through the game will require you to be on the ball and fully using your noggin as each different monster needs to be faced in a different way, which is why you’ll need to fully understand all of your different weapons and spells.

Aswell as fights and platforming fun, each level features people to rescue, objects to destroy, and pieces to collect. With all of this, the game should certainly appeal to your inner completionist if you do opt to purchase it.

Aldred Knight Of Honor can be pre-ordered on the U.S eShop with a pre-order price of 0.99 cents and the European eShop with a pre-order price of 0.89p.

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