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Archlion Saga Review (Nintendo Switch)

Welcome to our Archlion Saga review. RPGs are a lot of fun and the genre is one of my favorite types of game but there’s no denying that typically RPGs are long games that will have you grinding enemies to gain experience and going off on adventures to find rare items with the typical completion time being well over 50 hours of play. Yeah sure it’s fun, but there’s one audience it won’t really cater for and that’s people with short attention spans and a hate for anything that over-technical. Luckily though Hit-Point, the developer had an idea, which was to make a simplified JRPG that’s quick and easy to finish and I don’t use the word ‘simplified’ lightly. There really isn’t much in this game, but in all honesty, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

  • Archlion Saga
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS
  • Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Hit-Point
  • Publisher: KEMCO
  • Multiplayer: None
  • Available: 18th July 2019 (Nintendo Switch)
  • Price: £4.99 (U.K), $4.99 (U.S)
  • Age Rating: PEGI 12 (UK/EU), E 10+ (U.S)
  • Review Code Provided

Described by KEMCO and Hit-Point as a ”Pocket-sized” RPG, Archlion Saga really is the most simple, easiest, least time-consuming RPG I have ever come across. This also makes it a very stress-free and enjoyable game.

A stunning 2D set of graphics.

The story of Archlion Saga is a rather strong one, even though it can be easily completed within 4 to 5 hours. It takes on the familiar story style in which we see a few characters brought together through some event while the main plot sees you adventuring out to stop an evil force from destroying the world.

Each of the game’s main characters has their own little arch before you meet them, which gives their way to why they are chosen to be part of this specially put together team who are out to save the world.

It’s pretty much impossible to lose your way in this game as there’s constantly a scrolling line of text in the top-left corner of the screen reminding you what’s happening and if you press the Left bumper button this will enlarge to allow you to see all the text at once. It’s also possible to make a line of arrows appear on the path you walk, which will point you in the correct direction for your current objective.

Archlion Saga Review
The information screen that appears after pressing the left bumper button.

Simplicity carries on nicely into the game’s battle system, which is a typical turn-based system albeit with quite a few tweaks to the formula. There’s no MP or SP to worry about, just MP and that itself combines as one big health bar for all of your characters and the same goes for all enemies on screen, who also share one health bar. Each character does have his or her own set of special skills, but rather than requiring some amount of SP or something similar these skills replenish at the rule of their own character meaning there’s no need to stock up on items to keep using these skills.

Archlion Saga Review
A boss fight using the simple fighting system.

Quite often RPG games are littered with a variety of different weapons, armor and equipment to enhance your characters. While a handy system to have it’s not always simple can often lead to confusion and frustration as you try to set up your characters to be their best. Luckily being the simple game it is, Archlion Saga takes this system and makes it easy to understand. Each character has one weapon slot and one armor slot and that’s it. There’s no accessory slot or other confusing things in the mix, just simplicity as the game was intended.

As well as the typical game currency used to buy equipment and healing items, Archlion Saga also has a unique currency in the form of stars. These stars can be found dotted around the areas you visit and can be earned in battles. They can be used for opening chests, doubling EXP after a fight and ensuring a critical hit. They are also used to open doors that lead to the next part of the story but this is rather annoying as it’s possible to find yourself at a door you need to open to advance but you have no stars. This means going back and looking for them in previously visited areas or getting lucky and winning one from a battle.

Archlion Saga Review
Opening a chest with stars.

I do feel that this game could benefit slightly from at least a few sidequests as there are none at all. It’s simply just a story that you work your way through and while I have to admit its fun it does seem weird that even an introductory RPG is lacking a couple at least.

In conclusion, Archlion Saga is one very simple, very easy and yet also a very enjoyable game. The simplicity on offer combined with the short playtime would often sound like a put-off tool but Hit-Point has somehow managed to pull it off with this game. The story is strong, the characters are likable and the battle system is amazing in this short half a day to complete RPG.

That concludes our Archlion Saga review. The game can be found on the Nintendo eShop.

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