Battle Princess Madelyn
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Battle Princess Madelyn Ready For PlayStation 4

Developer, Casual Bit Games, and publisher, Hound Picked Games have proudly announced that Battle Princess Madelyn will be making its way to PlayStation 4 on October 18th for players in Europe and Australasia through the PlayStation Store.

This release of the game brings the final revision of the game directly to players in the aforementioned areas and includes the ‘King Daddy Mode’. As well as the additional challenges that come with ‘King Daddy Mode’ the difficulty has also been raised to the max so that you’ll feel a real challenge as you swipe your way through hordes of enemies using King Daddy’s only weapon, Insanity’s Blade. The challenge is so difficult, that even the most skillful players are going to struggle with this one.

Battle Princess Madelyn

Featuring hand-drawn pixel art and two different soundtracks, Battle Princess Madelyn has been designed to suit your taste, whilst the inclusion of multiple modes, such as Story Mode, ‘King Daddy Mode’, and Boss Rush Mode ensures the game remains fresh long after you start the game.

With 10 levels, each including 5 stages, including some that branch, players are in for a long, yet amazing journey. Each stage is home to several collectible items and if you can manage to find all of them you’ll earn rewards and additional hidden stages.

For more information about this game check out the Casual Bit website.

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