Beholder: Complete Edition
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Beholder: Complete Edition Out Now In Stores For PlayStation 4

Beholder: Complete Edition, the management and strategy title edited by Alawar and Curve Digital is now available physically in stores for PS4 with two different versions. A standard edition and a collector’s edition.

As well as the game itself, the collector’s edition features an art book, game soundtrack, and even a stress doll modeled after the game’s main character known as Carl Stein.

Beholder: Complete Edition

Badlands Publishing has stated that they are very soon going to make an announcement in regards to the release of the physical version on Nintendo Switch.

Beholder sees players taking on the role of a landlord (Carl Stein) in a totalitarian state as you secretly spy on your tenants and report them to the government.

  • EXPLORE your apartment block and MANAGE the tenants within.
  • BUG tenants’ homes with surveillance cameras while they’re away to uncover their secrets.
  • SEARCH their belongings for anything that can threaten the authority of the State.
  • OBSERVE and PROFILE each occupant for hobbies, interests and even conversations.
  • TURN IN, BLACKMAIL or PROTECT anyone capable of violating the laws, including your family.

Beholder: Complete Edition also includes the Blissful Sleep DLC in which players get to witness the event before Carl Stein’s arrival with more characters and stories to discover.

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