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Beyond Senses To Enter Early Access In December

Pyxton Studios has announced Beyond Senses, a new multiplayer horror experience. At the same time as the game’s announcement, the developer also announced that it will be available on Steam through Early Access from December 13th, 2019.

The reason behind releasing Beyond Senses through the Early Access program comes down to the fact that the game technically doesn’t have an ending and therefore can be extended indefinitely. As well as that, the developer would also like to create an “unforgettable horror experience” with the help of the Steam community.

Beyond Senses

Beyond Senses will see players slipping into the role of either a good hunter or an evil demon as you play through any one of the three available modes. More modes will be added to the game during its time in Early Access.

  • Hunt Mode – In this mode you are tasked with weakening a wandering creature by charging a series of blessed energy crystals before killing it.
  • Egoist Mode – Here you will be competing against your fellow players as you all aim to collect the most energy crystals. Whoever has the least energy crystals after a set amount of time will be hunted by the wandering creature.
  • Banishment Mode – The aim here is to find all of the cursed items and place them into a pentagram. Once all of these items have been found, you’ll have to lure the wandering creature to the pentagram in order to send it back to hell.

Beyond Senses is set to enter Early Access on December 13th, 2019. For more information about the game, check out the Pyxton Studios website.

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