Black Dragon Studios

Black Dragon Studios Completes Its First Year Of Trading

The Welsh game development studio, Black Dragon Studios is celebrating its first year as a development studio, since its three founders ditched their lives as university lecturers and technicians to put their focus into providing hours of entertainment for gamers.

Despite the studio’s young age, it was fortunate enough to get early clearance as a PS4 developer, followed shortly by full access to Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Nintendo’s Switch. Having development access for each of these three platforms is something that the company says has been a huge morale boost for them.

Back in June of this year, they released their first-ever game and a VR one at that. The Copper Canyon Shoot Out is a fast-paced VR shooter that is set in a wild west full of robots and available for PlayStation VR, and popular PC VR headsets.

Black Dragon Studios

The team is now moving on with their second game, known as You’re Doomed, which is a twin-stick multiplayer shooter. The game takes place on a British deep-space starship, known as the HMSS Robert Falcon Scott. The HMSS RFS is on a 42-year mission to explore the furthest corners of the British Galactic Territories, but after a hard night of partying to celebrate Ruby finally paying off her student debt (Ruby is 96 years old by the way….just Saying) four members of the ship’s security team wake up to find the ship has been overrun with an infection and most of its crew mutated.

In order to allow the community to try the game and report any issues, the team has created a public pre-alpha of the game, which can be downloaded from here. You’re doomed is currently in development for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

You’re Doomed is now taking shape with the company having invested approximately £50,000 into the game, but like all good things money isn’t infinite and therefore the team has launched a Kickstarter campaign in a bid to get the game finished quicker and in the hands of gamers.

So here’s to Black Dragon Studios, congratulations guys and good luck with the years ahead.

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