Black Future '88
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Black Future ’88 Now Out On Nintendo Switch And PC

Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer SuperScarySnakes have today released their roguelike shooter Black Future ’88 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

In a universe where its always 1988 players take on the role of a character who has only got 18 minutes before his heart explodes. Through the use of strategic combos with weapons, abilities, buffs, and curses you’ll be able to close in on your mark before going boom.

Black Future '88

Players will find themselves ascending a tower procedurally generated as they work their way through. An onslaught of bullets, lasers and so much more await as you take on an adventure to exact revenge on a maniac who destroyed the world using nuclear fire.

This nightmarish neon dystopia can be taken on solo or as part of a team in two-player local co-op. You can also test your mettle against players all around the world with the game’s worldwide leaderboard.

As well as today’s digital release for Nintendo Switch, a physical special edition is expected to launch in 2020 and be sold through all good retailers.

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