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Blindfold: the interrogation experience on PlayStation VR

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There’s not much to say about Blindfold, it’s short enough to sit through twice in around 20 minutes, once with cooperating and once without. The outcome barely changes in the sense that aside from one important aspect, all that really all that happens is there’s a slight change in dialogue.

Given the short length I expected it to be more graphically pleasing, the animations are also quite rigid with objects snapping in and out of place when the interrogator interacts with them. There’s a disconnect where the audio doesn’t sound like it’s coming from where it should be, it’s also too quiet, I had to turn my headset up quite loud to be able to hear when normally a low volume will suffice.


Despite there being two routes to go down, there’s no way to start over so you have to quit and load it up again if you want to see what changes if you give different answers. The major problem I had with it is that it’s an accompaniment to 1979 Revolution Black Friday so if, like me you haven’t played that one, you’re not going to know what’s going on or what you’re answering yes and no to. The interrogator talks about the things you’re supposed to have done but he doesn’t go into enough detail for you to be fully aware of what’s happening.

It’s meant as more of an awareness piece than a game and it’s never made more clear than at the end, any enjoyment you might get out of it is quickly quashed when you’re faced with the wall of real people who have faced injustice.

Since Blindfold is only a 20 minute experience at most, it comes in at the very low price of £1.69, a temping offering for almost anyone with a PlayStation VR headset. Though even at that price I can’t really recommend it because it’s not all that engaging. If curiosity gets the better of you and you have a little cash left in your PS Store wallet you’ve been itching to spend you can go here to buy it. If you want to play the game this is a companion to, you can find that here.

I’m giving it a low rating for its incredibly short length, poor graphics and sound and while I do sympathise with the people this game is meant to bring awareness to, I do have to be honest about it. I feel it may have served better as some sort of short film rather than a VR experience, especially considering I don’t feel it achieved what it intended in terms of atmosphere and tension.

Chris Bracewell
Been a gamer for a long time, is my favourite and oldest pastime. Occasionally, when the mood strikes; I enjoy dabbling in games design, primarily the artistic side.