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Borderlands 3 Multiplayer Is The Best Yet

With Borderlands 3 almost here, we’re starting to see more news about what we can expect from the shoot and loot game. The latest news comes from a panel at Guardian Con that took place last week and is mostly about the games multiplayer features.

Borderlands 3

While you can play any Borderlands game as a single player game, the series has always had a soft spot for allowing budding Vault Hunters to team up with one another in online Co-op to complete all that the games have to offer. Borderlands 3 is obviously no different in that respect and Gearbox has announced some cool new features we can expect when playing online with our mates or strangers. These features include a ping system and revamped friend systems amongst other things.

The ping system is similar to that of the one found within Apex Legends. In Borderlands 3, the ping system will allow you to highlight enemies, loot and any other objects of interest you will come across. This means you don’t require a microphone to tell your buddy about everything that you’ve come across. This is particularly good, for those of us who play with strangers but don’t particularly want to talk to them. Check out Borderlands 3 pinging in action in the below YouTube video.

Your friends will be present, even when they’re not online, thanks to an improved friend system. This system allows you to buy items your friends have sold at a vending machine or if they’re feeling really nice they can mail you some items for free as good friends should. You can also keep a check on your friend’s inventory, skill tree and challenge progress via your in-game friend’s list.

Matchmaking has also been improved to make teaming up much easier. You’ll still be able to play the game as a match is created just as you could before. Activity-based matchmaking is also present which will allow you to finetune results to find players who are at the same point in the story as yourself.

During the panel Gearbox also announced that a key part of Borderlands 3 will be accessibility. All gaming systems will allow the player to totally remap the controls and Xbox One players will be able to use the Adaptive controller. Other accessibility features such as aim assist, colorblind mode and subtitles amongst others will also be present.

Borderlands 3 releases on September 13th and is available to pre-order now from stores and online market places.

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