Construction Simulator 2 US: Console Edition review
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Construction Simulator 2 US: Console Edition Review (Nintendo Switch)

Welcome to our Construction Simulator 2 US: Console Edition review. It’s finally here, a Nintendo Switch version of Construction Simulator 2 US: Console Edition which is a port of the mobile version of the game. Despite being a port of a mobile game it’s actually been tweaked a bit to make use of the more powerful hardware available in consoles and PCs.

  • Construction Simulator 2 US: Console Edition
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Weltenbauer. SE
  • Publisher: Astragon Entertainment
  • Multiplayer: None
  • Available: November 6th, 2019 (Nintendo Switch)
  • Price: £17.99 (U.K) $19.99 (U.S)
  • Age Rating: PEGI 3 (U.K) E (U.S)
  • Review Code Provided

As you may have guessed from the title this is a simulator that is based around the construction world and as such has you taking on various tasks from planting new piping underground to erecting buildings.

A whole host of vehicles and tools are at your disposal and each kind of job you’ll take on will require certain types to complete. The game starts off with a basic tutorial in a loader vehicle to help you get the hang of driving. After this when you start your first jobs you’ll be given a brief set of instructions on how to operate the tools on offer on certain vehicles. Unfortunately, the game seems to lack too much more in the way of help which means you’ll have to figure out a lot on your own.

Construction Simulator 2 US: Console Edition review

Being a simulator I find it oddly strange that you start a building company as a one-man jack of all trades kind of guy who seems to be able to do pretty much any job thrown at him. There’s no hiring of any sort which means no sort of finding the right person to employ at your company for a specific task, instead, everything is down to your single character on his own. The upside to this is that there’s no tedious employee management to find yourself doing.

Jobs range from small things like digging holes to replace pipes right to mammoth things like building a house. The length of each task obviously depends on what you’re doing as things like building houses require a lot of steps as well as sometimes going back and forth to collect the correct materials required for a job. Patience is definitely something you’ll need if you want to play this game.

Of course, the ultimate goal of this game is to make money, but as is life making money requires you to make the right decisions and as such, you’ll have to think carefully and plan for each job properly to ensure your business ticks along nicely with a tidy profit to come out of it all. Outside of building work you can also lose money by doing things such as breaking driving laws and admittedly its quite easy to accidentally run red lights.

Construction Simulator 2 US: Console Edition review

The developers have opted to add an RPG like skill tree system that allows you to upgrade your builder with new perks such as the ability to get a permanent discount on materials and such. It’s a nice touch that helps to ensure you don’t get too bored just playing a game that’s trying to mimic real life.

Being a port of a mobile game, the graphics were never going to be anything special but I can certainly say they’re ok considering the game’s origins. It’s easy to see this isn’t designed from the ground up for the more powerful hardware offered by consoles and PCs but you can certainly tell that it has been greatly enhanced to take advantage of what’s on offer.

In conclusion Construction Simulator 2 US: Console Edition is a fun little game to play, especially if you’re into simulators. It features a wide range of fully licensed vehicles and tools and offers quite a few different jobs from the building trade industry.

That concludes our Construction Simulator 2 US: Console Edition review. To purchase the game on Nintendo Switch check out the links below.

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