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The Copper Canyon Shootout PSVR Review

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The Copper Canyon Shootout is a shooting gallery type game where you have to blast away at some pesky robots and then challenge their sheriff one on one to see who’ll come out on top. Featuring three short levels there’s not an awful lot to do in The Copper Canyon Shootout and it’s a little disappointing because the game is fun while it lasts. There isn’t really a story to speak of, you just get dropped into a wild west like setting, you’re taught how to play and then off you go to blast some robots.


It starts off fairly easy but then as the level progresses you’re set upon by more and more robots as they teleport all around you looking to take you down but luckily you’re a better shot than they are and you can shoot their bullets out of the air if you need to. As well as being able to do that you can also shoot off the robots’ arms to stop them firing at you but if you do that then you’d better watch out because they’ll come running towards you kamikaze style, looking you explode you to kingdom come but if you shoot of their heads first, not only will they fire around wildly sometimes hitting their allies, they also won’t know where to charge. You can also aim for their boilers if you want to dispatch them quickly and I’d say that’s probably the recommended method given how quickly you can become overrun, especially considering that aside from the normal enemies firing at you, you’ll also have to watch out for snipers and enemies that run towards you to blow themselves up.

There’s a good amount of checkpoints throughout the levels so they won’t cause you too much trouble but you can’t move on from an area until you’ve defeated a few waves of enemies and it can be pretty challenging to stay alive when they’re all gunning for you at once, thankfully there are health vials dotted about that you can shoot for a quick boost of health and some enemies will drop them after they’re defeated so you shouldn’t run short on them. You’ll also find some shotguns around for a powerful attack though they’re not too accurate so I avoided using them since I found it was quicker to use my revolvers. You don’t have unlimited ammo in your guns but reloading is done by lowering your guns to your waist and is so quick that you may as well have unlimited ammo.

There’s some nice variety in the levels but with there only being three of them it really is too few and the gameplay boils down to travelling from one little arena to the next while you take down the waves of robots. Movement is handled via teleportation and you have to rotate your hand to orient which way you’re facing, it can take some getting used to but not so much that it’ll spoil your play and time will slow down while you decide where to move to so you’re not overwhelmed. Also this game has solved the problem I’ve had with some other VR titles with the holster by having it out slightly in front of you so it’s easier to reach and the camera can still see your Move Controllers, rather than having it directly below you.

Every time you end a level you’ll be faced with a sheriff robot that has a few moves at its disposal, first it will shoot at you with its four arms but you can destroy them making things a bit easier if you want to but the goal is to aim for its belly and get the weak spot but you have to shoot the metal plates off before you can hit it. As well as its guns it will also fire a mortar at you so it’ll require some quick movements to avoid getting hit by them but if you’re feeling lucky you can try to shoot them out of the air, once you get onto the later two levels the sheriff will start to use a ground pound attack that you’ll have to time your movements to avoid.

To Conclude

There really isn’t much to say about The Copper Canyon Shootout, it has a small amount of replayability if you’re trying to go for three stars of each level but I honestly can’t see many people playing it for much longer than that, three levels really is too little and it means that it won’t take you much more than an hour to play through the whole game. There’s some nice fun to be had but like many other VR games it’s too short lived and there’s a lot of repetition, the fact that the boss enemy for each level is the same is a little disappointing because it means that once you’ve learned how to do it, you’re not going to have any trouble with it.

It’s a good quick play if you’re in the market for something short and sweet but given just how short it is, I would probably recommend waiting until it’s on sale if you really want to try it out for yourself. You can find more information about The Copper Canyon Shootout here, but if you do want to give it a go, you can buy it from one of the links below;



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