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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Review

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Welcome to our Destiny 2 Shadowkeep review. Destiny 2 Shadowkeep released on October 1st with a major game overhaul including a new cross-save feature, allowing you to import your favorite characters from other platforms. Access the Moon as you attempt to prevent the Vex invasion, as this new add on adds a whole new story to follow, with you reporting back to Eris Morn. Unlock more patrols, missions, and partake in even more exciting public event missions across the Moon’s surface, protecting data drops and eliminating overlords and gatekeepers, all whilst you acquire far more powerful equipment as well as new skins and finisher moves, to tear apart the vex in style.

Destiny 2

An online open-world multiplayer that takes you across the stars, Destiny is developed by Bungie and was published in 2017 for Playstation, Xbox, and PC by Activision until 2019. Destiny 2 offers a host of game modes to choose from allowing you to team with friends in Story missions, strikes and raids as well as working in larger groups to fight public events. Destiny 2 also allows players to compete against each other in a player versus player mode completing various types of games such as team deathmatch and dominations in which you bring your hard-earned gear to test its capabilities against highly skilled hunters. To top it off Destiny 2 also has a Gambit mode that pits players against each other as well as A.i enemies as you score motes by killing players. There are three classes to choose from in Destiny 2, there are Hunters, Warlocks and Titans each can be leveled up to 50 and then the focus is on leveling your power up by acquiring more powerful weapons. Overall Destiny 2 alone is a massive game with endless hours of play and only increases massively with each DLC adding more modes, rewards, and challenges to keep players going.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep review

Graphics and Audio

Graphically as always Destiny 2 is a fantastic example and from Bungie and Activision I wouldn’t expect any less. Visually stunning environments in the main game and the Shadowkeep DLC is no exception. The surreal realism of the Moon’s surface as you complete your objectives and eliminate enemies is astounding. Special effects from weapons fire brightly lighting up targets to the teleporting from electrical storms above, a firework of fantastic color with emended character and environment detail. The sound on the other hand although of a great quality with a consistent use of directional sound tends to be a bit overwhelming, being an experienced gamer I often use my hearing to locate secrets and enemies alike, but with Destiny 2 there is an awful lot of environmental sound such as buzzing lights for example, the sounds often making me feel there were items to be collected but usually not. Even with enemies, its was good finding them via sound but with such high spawn rates often you’ll find yourself going in circles.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep review


I’m not a heavy Destiny player and have usually opted for the free alternative Warframe in the past, but with Destiny 2 having been free with a ps subscription some months back I have had a good chance to enjoy what it has to offer. Beginning a complete noob I got with some friends we quickly became accustomed to how Destiny 2 worked, attempting to collect every hidden crate and complete every mission on earth before moving on. We played for a few weeks going back and forth between planets completing daily objectives and story missions building our power, honestly, we got pulled in enjoying what Destiny 2 had to offer so we purchased the Osiris DLC and traveled to Mercury, having unlocked the level barrier we continued to get stronger and quickly progressed. Somedays we would opt to play crucible matches pitting ourselves against other players, but found it far different with weapons you like not being good enough for multiplayer modes. A short amount of time passed and we gradually gave up playing Destiny 2. Coming back to Destiny 2 for Shadowkeep was honestly a bit overwhelming not remembering how to really play or what’s what with so much going on, things were different and I could remember bits but it was a messy blur, same problem I have going back to Warframe. Playing through the Shadowkeep campaign you are quickly pulled into its mysterious story surrounding this immense underground pyramid and conflict between allies as you assist Eris Morn. Check out a little gameplay below.


That concludes our Destiny 2 Shadowkeep review. Destiny’s use of mass online play makes it far better with friends but not impossible without, playing through the story solo was difficult at times struggling mostly at bosses but still I progressed quickly unlocking more missions and tasks to undergo. The Moon’s surface is littered with various foes and patrols to keep you going joining with stronger players to beat the events and stronger more rewarding enemies. Shadowkeep is a nice addition to Destiny 2 and a great add on for regular players but unfortunately not really easy to get back into after a long break or if you’re new to the game. Check out Shadowkeep on the Playstation Store here.