Edifier S350DB Review
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Edifier S350DB Review

Welcome to our Edifier S350DB review. The S350DB is a 2.1 speaker system setup consisting of two satellite speakers and one subwoofer, it has been designed to complement a home theatre setup, making it a great set to use for gaming or watching movies.

  • Edifier S350DB 2.1 Speaker System
  • Model: S350DB
  • Available: Now
  • Price £239.99
  • Loan Unit Provided


The first thing you’ll likely notice about this setup is its size. The two satellites have a small T.V cabinet friendly size, however, the subwoofer is huge in comparison and takes up quite a bit of room by itself, so you may need to prepare a bit of space before purchasing this setup.

Edifier S350DB Review

The whole setup is finished with a dark brown colored effect, which gives them a lovely look when set up and also adds a little hint of retro to their overall modern looks. The cases are made of MDF and feel quite tough when tapped against.

Oddly enough, the two satellites don’t connect to each other, like they usually do with Edifier speakers. Instead, each one has its own independent connection to the subwoofer, with the left using a typical 5 pin connection and the right using one that resembles a VGA connection as it’s home to a control panel. This does mean you won’t be able to mix the subwoofer with any other speakers as there’s no way to connect any others than the two included.

On the right satellite, you’ll find a control panel on the side that is home to the setup’s volume/mode section, bass, and treble dials. At the front of it, you’ll find the drivers as well as an IR receiver for the remote. There’s no removable cover on these so their drivers will always be visible.

Edifier S350DB Review

With the exception of the control panel and IR receiver for the remote, the left satellite is exactly the same in terms of design as its right brother. Around the back, you will find a five-pin circle connection point to connect it directly to the subwoofer.

The subwoofer, the largest of the three-piece set is where you’ll find the outputs for the speakers and various input options such as OPTICAL, PC/AUX, and COX. There’s also Bluetooth connectivity for those of you who don’t need wires.

Edifier S350DB Review

At one side of the subwoofer, you’ll find a bass radiator, whilst at the front, you’ll find it hard to miss the eight-in forward-firing driver that’s capable of making the floor shake. Due to the large size of this unit, it is a bit awkward to place and since all connections are on it, it has to be near the TV if you want to use wires.

In the package, Edifier has included a circular remote control that looks cool but is kind of awkward since it can be easy to blindly pick it up and point the blaster towards yourself when you mean to point it at the right satellite. Since the buttons are so close together, it’s also slightly uncomfortable to hold and use.

Setup And Bluetooth

Setting the S350DB 2.1 speaker system up isn’t too hard. Everything is fairly straight forward with no complexities at all. The Bluetooth connectivity might take someone with no experience a bit of time to understand, but if you’ve done it as often as I have it’s literally second nature.

Connecting the S350DB 2.1 speaker to my phone via Bluetooth was quick and easy. The signal is reliable and dropouts don’t occur unless I’m more than 10m away from the speaker setup with my phone. The overall quality of sound using Bluetooth is also quite decent.

Audio Quality

Being a gaming related website, it was decided we would test these out as an audio system for use with game consoles. For this, the speakers are connected directly to the T.V using the Optical output to ensure the best quality possible.

Games are often full of sounds and noises that can be easily missed through normal T.V speakers. Gaming also feels a bit more immersive with a dedicated sound system and I’m happy to say that’s the case here. I’ve tested a few games including Batman: Arkham Knight and the recently released WRC 8.

In WRC 8 the sound enhancement was easy to notice and I know that’s weird, since its a rally game, but it really was a much more immersive experience than anything my T.V’s speakers could conjure up. The engine noises, the voice of my co-driver, all of it made me feel like I was really driving the car in real life. Admittedly I didn’t have them up full blast for this game as the sound of an engine isn’t exactly something you expect to hear through your house walls.

In Batman: Arkham Knight, the speakers made me feel more aware of my surroundings, giving me a better sense of where an enemy might be coming at me from. Action noises such as explosions are also really immersive giving me a better feeling of the game.

When it comes to music, these are fantastic. The Bass and Treble at perfect, but can be easily fine-tuned from the control panel. Lyrics and beat are clear and distortion-free even at high volumes and the bass is floor shakingly good.

In Conclusion

Despite not being an audiophile, I can easily see that the S350DB 2.1 speaker setup is a fantastic bit of kit for gaming audio as well as music. It looks great, is easy to set up and is perfectly capable of making the floor shake. What more could you want?

That concludes our Edifier S350DB review. For more information including full specifications check out the official product page.

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