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Everdark Tower Coming To Nintendo Switch

KEMCO has proudly announced that the second game in its ”Pocket-Sized” RPG lineup, Everdark Tower is coming to Nintendo eShop on August 22nd, 2019. The first ”Pocket-Sized” RPG released by KEMCO was the brilliant, simple yet fun Archlion Saga.

Just Like Archlion Saga, Everdark Tower is a simplified RPG that’s been designed to be completed with ease and without the usually long time, it takes to complete a typical RPG game. This game is designed for people who just haven’t got the time it requires to trawl through a game for over 50 hours.

Everdark Tower

One day, time just suddenly stops across the world. During a dream your character is invited by a girl to head to Curren Town which is the start of this game’s adventure. You’ll solve mysteries and unravel the story of the mystery surrounding the clock tower.

Dungeons are packed full of puzzles for you to solve as well as plenty of gimmicks. You’ll solve these puzzles, find treasure and fight through enemies that use a simple battle system. Unlike Archlion Saga, however, the system will stimulate your wits and make you work slightly harder.

Everdark Tower is available to pre-order now. Anyone who pre-orders will get 30% off the typical U.K price of £4.49 and the U.S price of $4.99.

eShop U.K

eShop U.S

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