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Demons have invaded your school in Gal Gun 2!

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Getting Started

Gal Gun 2 puts you in the shoes of someone chosen by divinity to root out the demon presence at your high school, being that angels and demons are forbidden from engaging in direct conflict, you have to be the one to save the day. Granted a pair of VR like goggles to allow you to see the demons and a handy demon sweeper to blast away those pesky creatures or suck them up, it’s up to you to bring euphoria to the women of your school and keep the demons from possessing them.


In Gal Gun 2 the goggles your character wears cannot be removed until the job is complete so he needs to finish it whether or not he likes it but considering the goggles gives him some unnatural attraction to women, making him irresistible to them, coupled with the reading material he keeps in his draws and under his bed, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s cool with it.

The goal is that you have to give the girls euphoria in order to prevent them from being possessed by the little demon girls that are swarming about the school and you can do this by firing pheromone shots at their face, chest, hips or legs. Each girl has a sweet spot where you can give them euphoria immediately by shooting it and the goggles allow you to see where that is, each one gives you another point to your combo and the higher your combo the more points you earn.  If you find that you’re surrounded by too many girls, you can zoom in and stare directly into their eyes and this will fill a love heart meter which when full will allow you to perform a love struck shot which gives all the girls on screen euphoria at the same time.

Gal Gun 2 plays like an on rails shooter where you move from point to point after all the enemies for a particular area have been dealt with, I use the term enemies very loosely here. It sees you climbing on top of things, hiding under benches or in manholes, pretty much anywhere your character can go to get the best shot for all the demons. You can also position yourself in various different elevations and lean around corners if you’re having a hard time hitting your target. Occasionally some of the girls will have demons attached to them and you have to shoot them off in order to give her euphoria and then you can either shoot the little demons or suck them up to get rid of them. The demon sweeper has limited use though and takes a while to charge so it’s best to make sure you have a good amount of power left before you attempt to vacuum the more stubborn demons if you don’t want to have to shoot them or let them get away.

You’ll want to get as many points as you can because the better your performance, the more gifts you get to decorate your room with or you might even get a lot of candy you can dish out to the girls to help gain their favour.

You can take damage, if you want to call it that, since some of the girls will run up to you and push you down so they can sit on you and kiss you while some of the others will stand over you with their foot on you in some superior manner. The girls will also shout things at you and the text will advance closer to you causing damage if it hits, you can shoot it down to avoid this and if you hit the red character you can get rid of the whole thing at once.

While for the most part Gal Gun 2 is an on rails shooter, you will find that you spend most of your time talking to the two main girls in the game, one you see at school and the other who lives directly across from you. You can do missions for them that will sometimes upgrade the gear you have or you can ply them with candy to improve their impression of you, allowing you to spend more time with them. You can also collect the phone numbers of the various girls you do missions for and invite them over to spend time with them and participate in something the game calls “fantasize” in which you have the one girl to focus on and you have to shoot her in many different places to exorcise as many demons as you can within the time limit. While it does say this is called fantasize, I have to think it may be the opposite since the girls react to the encounter after it’s finished.

There’s some good variety in the levels, some will have you looking around for lost items while others may have you defending girls from hordes of demons. I personally found the ones where you have to find hidden items quite tricky because you’re bombarded by girls quite often and you’re on a timer to find the items.

To Conclude

There’s no getting around what kind of game Gal Gun 2 is despite all the shooting mechanics and the angels and demon filled story line, to its credit though, it wears what it is like a badge of honour, proudly on display for all to see. However, the chances are that if you’re not already in to this sort of thing, you’re probably not going to enjoy it but even so, there’s a lot to keep you entertained with multiple endings so you do get quite a bit of value for your money.

I did personally think that the gameplay was a little mundane but this was mostly due to the fact that I’ve been spoiled by other games in a similar style that were in VR and felt that this should have also been available in VR, least of all because the character you play as is actually wearing a VR headset himself. I should mention that if you get the Steam version of the game, there is a VR DLC available.

It’s not a bad looking game and it has its moments of fun but I really can’t recommend it unless you’re already someone who likes these sorts of fan service type games since it’s definitely something you might be embarrassed to play, especially if you have an audience. If you’re curious about it and think you might want to try something new, you can head to one of these links to pick it up for yourself;




If you just want to know more about the game before making a decision, you can visit the official website.



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