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Galaxy Champions TV Review

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Welcome to our Galaxy Champions TV review. A aQuadiun games development and with publication from Silesia games, in the vice of modern entertainment comes Galaxy Champions TV. In the year 2049 with the galaxy under international colonization, the government’s heavy hand enforcing its will upon the people, force the broadcast across all stations of Galaxy Champions TV. A mass arena slaughter of its contestants, competing for money, prizes, and glory the only way out is through the brutality of combat.

Gameplay Main Mode

With similarities to The Binding of Isaac in the way, you play using a top-down camera and directional combat system, enclosed within the confines of the screen and or arena. In the initial game mode, you are to survive ten rounds of insane fast-paced combat, with alien species of all kinds with various types of attacks causing you to alter your path and react quickly. Between each round a salesman appears offering you upgrades in return for the points you’ve earned destroying your enemies, offering additional power-up drops to either support your attacks or defend you better and weapon enhancements that cause greater damage at a longer range. There are five weapons that are dropped by bots after you destroy them atop the initial blaster you have; shotgun, flamethrower, laser, grenade launcher and machine gun each projecting their ammunition at the enemy in their own ways, some better for different situations based on the foe. Amongst the upgrades is a handy dodge that itself can be upgraded, increasing your maneuverability a great deal, helping to avoid any tight spots you may end up in. On the final tenth round for each planet, you are attacked by the level boss, shooting or moving rapidly making them a different type of challenge to the previous enemies and rewarding you with much more experience.

Galaxy Champions TV review

Gameplay Championship Mode

The initial game mode is really just a taster for the real show, Championship Mode, being the same style of play is much tougher. Being more of an all-out survival mode racking up points for the scoreboard, championship mode works off of a timer rather than having, like the first mode, containing each hoard within a round. As they progress quickly far more rapidly than the initial mode you are confronted by bosses amidst the crazy array of enemies and their attacks, increasing the difficulty of the challenge. This mode can be played from the start but it is much better to do after finishing the main mode as all of your player upgrades are carried over.

Galaxy Champions TV review



The two player games offered in both modes by Galaxy Champions TV are surprisingly good, giving both players their own life bar and giving both players the upgrades bought. It does make it a little more difficult to see where you are with all the flashing and screen shaking caused by weapons fire but both players are distinctly coloured red and blue, picking up strategies between us to help navigate easier and smash through waves, coming to bosses much quicker. If in the event one of you is killed, there is the chance to revive your ally by standing over them for a few seconds, if successful your partner returns with two health bars, plenty to get going again and even give the advantage in a boss battle. Check out a short clip below.


That concludes out Galaxy Champions TV review. Galaxy Champions TV is a visually attractive game using colorful cartoon-style animation or higher quality pixels, with varying arena designs based on the planet of play. The accompanying music to the game encourages a rhythm that gets your foot tapping and your play style in sync with the game’s pace, helping to keep you relaxed as you avoid damage with ease. Its a good pick up and play game that grows on you as you play and get stronger giving the option of 2 players so that a friend can join in the fun. You can check out Galaxy Champions TV here from the Nintendo Store.