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Gas Guzzlers Extreme PS4 Review

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Rev your engines and get ready to race and destroy your opponents in Gas Guzzlers Extreme. Play through various different modes and prove you’re the best racer in this single player experience.

The Game

Gas Guzzlers Extreme sees you starting out at the bottom of a rankings table and you have to fight your way to the top to earn your right to take on the tournament cup and gain access to a better tier of cars. You can progress up the league table by winning races and challenges, the primary ones you’ll take part in are Power Races, which is a weapon free mode where you have to make the most of your driving skill and try to overtake your opponents and win based on your ability to drive well and utilise the environment and pick ups to your advantage. There’s also Knock-out Races which have you battling to take the lead of the pack going all out while the driver who winds up at the back is eliminated from the race, you can also take out other drivers with your weaponry to thin out the herd and reduce the number of laps you have to drive. Last of the the three main races types you’ll play there’s the Battle Races, these are similar to Knock-out Races but you don’t have to worry about being caught in last place though you can still be eliminated if the other racers are feeling aggressive.

The modes mentioned above aren’t the only ones you’ll get to play in Gas Guzzlers Extreme, there’s also a few different car combat modes like Capture The Flag and Last Man Standing that you can take part in as well. These are locked behind as sponsored events to start with but as you manage to win the tournaments a new challenge type will get added for the next trip up the leader-board so you can play them for points rather than just money. As for where the sponsors come in, when you win a couple of races you’ll get approached by one of them and they’ll give you a car skin that gets applied to any of your rides as long as you’re with them and you’ll also get a percentage bonus of cash based on your performance, the game does indicate that your sponsor will leave you behind if you lose too many races while representing them but since I always kept retrying races if I lost, I never saw what would happen if they did get fed up of you losing so you’ll have to see that for yourself.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme has a good amount of vehicles to choose from but you have to win races in order to earn the money to unlock the better, faster cars and even then you can only get so far based on your current league. The good news is that when you win a tournament and move onto the next league, they’ll give you a free car from the next tier to get you going. The cars can all be customised and upgraded to improve their performance and help you win but it can get quite pricey if you’re looking to upgrade them all especially since you have to do the engine tuneups and change the tyres individually for each car. Thankfully, you don’t have to keep shelling out for new weapons since any you buy will be usable by any of your cars and if you want the next car on the list you can always sell something from your garage to help fund your new purchase.

To start with it might seem like Gas Guzzlers Extreme doesn’t offer too much content but as you win races, or at least end up in the top three, you can unlock new tracks, weapons and upgrades or cars and that means the more you play and win, the more content you’ll unlock. It’s a great incentive to keep you playing and thanks to the ability to retry your races it means that you don’t have to settle for the position you end up in and can always have another go.

Even though you get to pick the events you take part in during your climb up the table, it can be quite tedious having to claw your way up from the bottom of the league table each time to take part in every tournament because it means you’ll probably be racing on the same tracks all the time with only the odd sponsored event in between to spice things up.

If you’re looking for something a little different you can try the quick race option and there you can choose what car you want to drive and on which track you’ll be doing it as well as the event you’ll be taking part in and rather surprisingly there’s also zombie based mode to be enjoyed. You can choose to either defend a location for a set number of waves or you can choose to just survive them. Initially I brushed it off thinking this would be some easy task and I’d get through all ten waves with no problem but it was far more challenging than I had expected, thanks largely in part to some unexpected enemy types and add to it the fact that you have to maintain the amount of fuel in your car as well as the fact you’re able to smash into your allies, disrupting each other, it becomes quite a difficult task.

To Conclude

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a pretty fun game to play in bursts as it can get a little tedious during longer play sessions thanks to its repetitive nature. There’s a good amount of humour given that you can have your driver’s voice be one of a small selection; most notable of which being Duke and Arnold who are based on Duke Nukem and Arnold Schwarzenegger respectively. As well as that, all of the other drivers have funny names such as Jed I. Knight and Lou Briccant, along with many others.

Despite its somewhat parodical nature on the surface, it’s actually a pretty good car combat/ racing game and if you’re into racing games and games with a purely destructive mode similar to something like Twisted Metal or Vigilante 8 then I would definitely recommend you try this one out. The only downside to Gas Guzzlers Extreme is that it seems to lack any form of online multiplayer functionality so if you’d be interested in it as a game to play with your friends, you might want to give it a second thought, at least on PS4.

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