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Ghostbusters Remastered PS4 Review

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A re-release of a much beloved game in the Ghostbusters series and as good as a sequel to the the original two movies as there may ever be. Written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, you take control of a new recruit the team is training so that they can expand their ghost busting to other places and become a franchise but as often is the case, nothing goes to plan and everything ends up with you and the team needing to strap on the Proton Packs and get to work.


Ghostbusters Remastered in essence is essentially a third person shooter, you start out with your standard Proton Pack and as you progress through the game there are different functionalities added to it that give you a greater range of attacks; from slowing lasers to rapid fire you have quite the arsenal and to add to that, each setting on the Proton Pack has a secondary fire function. It’s easy enough to control and you’ll get more and more accustomed to is as the game goes on but while there are a few to choose from it’s likely that you’ll just pick one you like and focus on using that. You’ll be required to attack the ghosts with the tools at your disposal until, knocking down a circular meter that acts as a health indicator and when it’s low enough you’ll automatically switch to wrangling the ghost so you can force it in the trap you or one of the others has deployed, understandably the ghosts put up a good struggle as you try to trap them so you can make use of a slam move to bang them around and make them easier to subdue.

The Proton Pack comes equipped with four weapon modes; the Proton Stream which is the standard you get at the beginning of the game and is the iconic tool used by the Ghostbusters, its secondary fire mode is a Boson Dart which fires a high damage pulse that can blast things away. Next up is the Shock Blast which is what I’d call the Ghostbuster equivalent to a shotgun, it’s secondary fire is a stasis Stream which slows down enemies by encasing them in a rock like substance that you can then blast away with the Shock Blast. Of all of them I thought that the most useful was the Slime Blower which not only works as an effective weapon, you can also use it to neutronise the black slime while its other function, the Slime Tether, can be used to connect two points to solve puzzles or catch ghosts, some clever use of this can allow you to catch ghosts even if you haven’t weakened them. Lastly there’s the Meson Collider which on its own is already a fairly powerful weapon but its purpose is to serve as a homing tag for the rapid fire of the Overload Pulse, its secondary ability.

As you play Ghostbusters Remastered you’ll visit only a few locations but they are full of little details than you can destroy, inadvertently or otherwise, and the destruction you’ve wrought will tally up a total in property damage so you can see just how much you being a Ghostbuster costs the city. Conversely the city will pay you for any ghost or entity that you manage to subdue and that money can then be spent on upgrades to make the equipment you have more effective, you’ll also earn money for each entity you fully scan as well as for any paranormal artefacts you can recover. When you use the scanner you’ll switch to a first person perspective and have it in front of you, the colour on the screen will indicate what it is that you’re looking for; red for a ghost, green for paranormal activity such as slime or blue for an artefact, the arms on either side of the device will raise up to indicate how close you are to whatever you’re looking for. The artefacts also serve as the game’s collectables and each one has a little back story as to how it became cursed and once you’ve found it, it will be stored in the fire house for you to look at between levels. Rather usefully you can see the colour of the screen while the PKE Scanner is stored on your belt, so there’s no need to go about the game with your character’s nose pressed against it constantly.

In Conclusion

Ghostbusters Remastered is full of engaging boss fights and and great locations and the fact that it was written well means that you could kick back and enjoy it as a movie experience, it’s well voice acted and to say when it was originally released it hasn’t aged too badly either, which is particularly evident in how great the character models look, with the exception of Stantz who doesn’t look quite right.

In short, it’s a good game, one that I have fond memories of playing the first time it was released. It’s definitely worth picking up if you have yet to play it or if you have played it and you want to revisit it, but for those of you who have played it, you might be disappointed to learn that the multiplayer mode is absent from this release.

Overall while I did have fun with this one, I do wish there had been a little more to it, it seems like more often than not you’re destroying entities rather than actually catching ghosts which is a shame because the capture element is one of the best things about it, especially considering the variety of enemies. It’s a solid play with no glitches, at least that I discovered and there aren’t any real annoyances, unless you can count the fact that the characters will often repeat their lines. It’s easy enough to play thanks to the fact that you can revive the Ghostbusters and they can revive you, something that if it were absent would actually make the game fairly difficult.

If you want to learn more about Ghostbusters Remastered you can visit this link, otherwise if you fancy just diving straight in, you can visit one of the links below to buy it;


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