Gioteck TX 50 gaming headset review
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Gioteck TX 50 Gaming Headset Review

Welcome to our Gioteck TX 50 gaming headset review. The Gioteck TX 50 is a budget gaming headset that does things a bit differently compared to other budget headsets. It sells for as little as £29.99.

  • Gioteck TX 50 Gaming Headset
  • System: PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Mobile
  • Model: TX50UNI-11-MU
  • Colors: Black With Orange Accents
  • Available: Now
  • Price £29.99
  • Review Sample Provided

Gioteck TX 50 – Design and Comfort

Usually when it comes to budget-friendly headsets a typically generic design is used with most looking good but not too much different from others on the market, however, the TX 50 has a design all of its own that incorporates big chunky earcups separated by a thick headband. The earcups have a shape that is almost diamond-like in appearance and this gives them a stylish yet simple look that really helps to separate them from similarly priced headsets.

Gioteck TX 50 gaming headset review

While plastic is often the go-to material of choice for budget headsets, Gioteck has gone one step further and coated this one with a rubberized finish that’s both soft and smooth to the touch. The whole body is rather strong and very robust and this gives me the confidence that the TX 50 has been built to last.

A cable that comes in around five-foot long does a wonderful job of ensuring the headset is able to reach my controller while still giving me enough room to comfortably move the controller around. An inline control box allows you to easily mute the microphone and adjust the volume, although it does lack any markings to indicate what does what and in all honesty it wouldn’t have cost them too much to include two small markings.

Gioteck TX 50 gaming headset review

The TX 50’s microphone arm looks rather basic in comparison to the rest of the headset and does kind of stick out like a sore thumb. That said it’s fully flexible and very easy to position closer to or further from my mouth.

A black color scheme complete with gorgeous orange accents has been used to finish the headset off and in my opinion, it looks fantastic like this. It’s simple, clean and overall just stunning to look at.

Comfort is usually another area that budget headsets can be hit and miss with, usually only offering a small faux leather headband with hardly and stuffing and earcups of a similar nature. Gioteck has spared no expense by equipping the TX 50 with a soft and thick headband as well as really thick earcups. At first, the headset did seem a bit tight but as I’ve worn it I’ve finally begun to feel just how comfortable these are.

Gioteck TX 50 gaming headset review

Gioteck TX 50 – In Use

I spend a lot of my gaming time in PlayStation chat parties and as such spend a lot of time talking, so it’s important I have a headset that’s clear in the audio department and smooth in the microphone department. Thankfully the TX 50’s handle both with ease thanks to their 50mm high impact drivers and multi-positionable microphone.

In the audio department, they offer crystal clear audio with me able to easily hear the voices of my chat partners as well as things happening in games such as footsteps and other noises that can help alert me to another player’s presence.

The microphone also works really well and I’ve had no issues at all with other players being able to hear me. My voice is picked up clearly and delivered with the clarity in which you’d expect any decent microphone to do so.

Gioteck TX 50 – Conclusion

The Gioteck TX 50 is a budget headset that sets itself aside from other headsets in its price range by coming with a stylish design, plenty of cushioning and all-round great audio performance. At £39.99 you can’t get much better if I’m honest.

That concludes our Gioteck TX 50 gaming headset review. For more information on the TX 50 check out the official product website.

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