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Welcome to our Heave-Ho review. Heave-Ho published by Devolver Digital and from the creators of Mother Russia Bleeds, developers Le Cartel Studios. Bringing you this hilarious challenge game, an avatar is not quite like any other being that it’s a head, a head with arms that is. Using the left joy-con stick to rotate your arms, and using the right and left triggers to grab each surface, you can crawl in almost spider-like fashion to the finish line. Although difficult at first to get your head around you will soon be swinging and grappling your way round with ease. With laughable interruptions and amusing loading screens, you’ll be head over arms playing this.

Heave-Ho review Heave-Ho review


There are two modes to choose from on this entertaining title; Heave-Ho solo or cooperative, meaning you can smash out solo times for your friends to beat or have them join you and quite literally join hands to help each other to surpass the insurmountable obstacles that lay ahead. Traversing over seventeen vast world types against the clock, visiting idyllic mountains, forbidden jungles, immense cities and a classic circus, my personal favourite was the plain white 😉 . The terrain is made up of more basic shapes building up a pathway to or around the end. They do gradually get more and more complicated as they progress, using spikes to start you off then with moving platforms, spinning floors and swinging ropes. Upon completing so many levels you compete against a mini boss in an arm pose match, contests get red or green lighted based on how well you do.

Heave-Ho review Heave-Ho review



Heave-Ho is an interesting game for character customization. Upon creating your character you are given a great selection of customizable choices to personalise your head, making them to look like you, or get silly and have blue or green skin with some funky shades and crazy hair dos. Creatively using an inventive glove system to help children learn their left and rights. There is an unlock-able option for costumes and alternate arms from The Machine, purchasable with coins found in cooperative mode you can further increase the apparel available. Adding to the humour of the features the game has given a happy or sad buttons using  x and a, you can also point with y and nudge away your friends with b.

Heave-Ho Review


Despite the colorful characters, backgrounds and entertaining gameplay, its music, with sounds that reminded me of Don’t Starve were some of the most irritating I’ve heard. Using harsh high pitched sounds of children chirping or trumpets and kazoos, I found it made the game more difficult to concentrate on and quickly turned down the volume. Overall Heave-Ho is a must-play with family or friends giving everyone a few giggles for an hour or two, splatting yourselves colorfully across the play-field you will soon find yourself competing and collecting in this funny family game. Out now on Nintendo Switch and available to buy from the Nintendo store.

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