Impossiball - Gamers Challenge
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Impossiball – Gamers Challenge Out Now On Steam

DMD Interactive has today released its 3D platformer, Impossiball – Gamers Challenge for PC players through Steam. Described as ”almost unbeatable” by the developers, Impossiball is a game designed to be as the title makes out impossible.

Players take control of a ball and what makes it hard is the fact that players can only control the ball’s direction and acceleration. Even though the game’s mechanics are simple, the game still maintains a high level of major frustration. The game’s frustration causing mayhem is explained in the below bullet-pointed list:

•    Controlling the ball is hard.
•    There are no explanations.
•    Players fail levels all the time.
•    The game just hates the player!

So hard is the game that barely any players will make it through all of the levels and that’s not even on the game’s hardest mode. You’ll either despise the game or absolutely love it but one thing is for sure you will feel a level of deserved satisfaction for completing a level.

Impossiball - Gamers Challenge

Elevators, keys, and traps all bring extra complexity to the game so it’s about much more than just navigating your hard to control ball around simple flat levels.

If you don’t fancy failing alone you can call around some of your friends and fail together as good friends should.

•    Experience the joy when you finally beat a hard level.
•    Experience the frustration of losing.
•    Experience your ambitiousness to beat the game!
•    Experience 4-∞ hours of gameplay!

Key Features

•    A big red ball you can roll around
•    Tons of frustrating levels
•    An impossible-to-beat hardmode
•    Lots of easter-eggs & achievements
•    4-∞ hours of gameplay

For more information and to purchase this incredibly hard game check out the Steam Page here.

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