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KONTROLFREEK Call Of Duty MW A.D.S Thumbsticks Review

Welcome to our KONTROLFREEK Call Of Duty MW A.D.S Thumbsticks review. While the Dualshock 4 features some comfortable thumbsticks as standard, they do lack when it comes to pure performance especially in FPS games and that’s where KONTROLFREEK comes in.

  • KONTROLFREEK Call Of Duty Modern Warfare A.D.S Performance Thumbsticks
  • System: PlayStation 4
  • Available: Now
  • Price £14.83
  • Review Sample Provided

Unlike the Overwatch D.VA thumbsticks that Chris recently reviewed, these come packaged in standard packaging. While not as cool as the D.VA packaging it is still quite easy to open and contains plenty of information such as how to equip the sticks to the Dualshock 4.

The sticks are a transparent white color complete with the COD MW logo laser etched into the center. This particular design is concaved meaning your thumbs are sat within a lowered position within the thumbsticks for better accuracy and comfort.


Adding an extra 10.2 mm of height to the stock sticks ensures better accuracy by allowing you to push the stick further in quicker time than normal. Surprisingly this works, but I’ll go more into that later on in the review.


Equipping the thumbsticks is a rather simple affair that takes no time at all. They simply clip onto the existing ones with no modifications required. As my colleague, Chris mentioned in his D.VA review, constantly removing and readding the sticks may have a detrimental effect on the rubber on the standard sticks, so do bear in mind that you’d be best just keeping them installed.

Unfortunately, they didn’t want to fit on my modded controller’s metal sticks, so I have instead equipped to my standard camo green Dualshock 4. Being Call of Duty themed they do actually fit in quite well with this color scheme, or what you can see of it from the areas not covered by my blue grip cover.


These will not fit on an Xbox One controller, however, there is an Xbox one version of these sticks available to purchase that offers the exact same extended height and features. Check the Xbox one version out here.

To my absolute surprise, the claims that these sticks improve performance is true. Now I haven’t used them with Call Of Duty, but I have used them while playing online in Borderlands 2 and have to say they have indeed improved my performance with scoped weapons a tremendous amount. Removing the sticks to see if I was imagining it, revealed that indeed I wasn’t. My colleague Chris also noticed a vast improvement in his gameplay while playing online.

In conclusion, these thumbsticks are a fantastic product that surprisingly work very well. Being easy to quip and very comfortable to use, whilst improving performance makes these an accessory I never realized I needed.

That concludes our KONTROLFREEK Call Of Duty MW A.D.S review. To purchase these for a Dualshock 4, check out this link. I’m not 100% sure if KONTROLFREEK deal with customs charges as our review samples incurred a charge and came with a charge sticker saying they couldn’t be delivered until paid, however they were delivered without any payment from ourselves.

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