KONTROLFREEK Performance Grips XP review
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KONTROLFREEK Performance Grips XP Review (PlayStation 4)

Welcome to our KONTROLFREEK Performance Grips XP review. When it comes to gaming for long periods of time, discomfort can be an issue for some people, thanks to the hard plastic shell of the Dualshock 4, plus there’s also the issue of sweaty hands. These issues are what the KONTROLFREEK Performance Grips XP are designed to conquer. XP means Extra padded, just for the record.

  • KONTROLFREEK Performance Grips XP
  • System: PlayStation 4
  • Available: Now
  • Price £12.26
  • Review Sample Provided

Packaging for these grips is kept to a minimal amount with just enough to securely package the grips. Around the packaging, you’ll find information about the grips and some instructions on how to correctly apply them.

First things first, the installation, which in the case was a bit finicky. While the instructions are clear and very easy to follow, I did have a slight bit of issue when it came to bending the grips around the controller as they looked like they didn’t want to settle. Thankfully with a bit of patience, this was solved and the grips are now nicely in place. They bond to the controller using a sticky-backed surface which I have to say is quite impressive and so far I have no issues with it. It just sticks and stays stuck.

They are also fully removable and repositionable without leaving any sticky residue on the surface of the controller, although my colleague did say this wasn’t all that true and some residue was left on his controller when he reviewed a similar product. I don’t know how many times this would be possible, but it’s nice to see this as a feature, should you ever have to repair or replace your DualShock 4.

A honeycomb pattern on each grip not only makes them look nice, but also provide a comfortable, and grippy surface area for your hands. The right-side grip also features the KONTROLFREEK logo which is a nice little touch.

KONTROLFREEK Performance Grips XP review KONTROLFREEK Performance Grips XP review

Amazingly they actually look really cool on the controller and do add a bit of extra character on top of Sony’s DualShock 4 design. I’m not too sure if they come in different colors to match Sony’s different controller colors. I’ve had a look around the sale page for the product but can’t see any options yet.

When it comes to comfort, I have to say, they do make a massive improvement for me. however, I can’t say much for other people as we’re all different. My colleague Chris reviewed the thin version of these grips and noticed a slight improvement, whereas I’ve noticed a major one.

As for their sweat stopping ability, I’m not too sure as my hands still feel a bit sweaty when using these. That said they don’t seem nearly as bad as they can be because usually, my hands can be dripping with sweat from the tight grip of the controller.

Lastly, they do seem to improve performance within games, not just FPS games but most games. This is most likely down to the fact they just make holding the controller much more comfortable to me.

In conclusion, the KONTROLFREEK Performance Grips XP for the DualShock 4 are a worthy purchase if you’re looking to make your controller that much more comfortable. I can’t say everybody would have the same experience, but I bet they’d notice even a little bit of improvement.

That concludes our KONTROLFREEK Performance Grips XP. To purchase these grips, check out the official webpage here.

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