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Mini Motor Racing X Coming To PlayStation 4 With PSVR Support

Grab Your DualShock 4 or equip your PSVR headset as Mini Motor Racing X is coming to PlayStation 4 with PSVR support. There’s no release date announced date yet but it looks like it could be sometime in December 2019.

A top-down racer, Mini Motor Racing X sees players takes control of tiny vehicles on over 50 different tracks as they race for victory against their friends or the computer. A massive career mode with four huge championships to race in and dozens of cars to unlocks ensures many hours of racing fun.

Mini Motor Racing X

Customisation of cars ensure that players are able to kit out their rides to be mean machines out on the track. Simply win races and use your hard earned money to kit your cars out and get them ready to take on some of the more serious competition.

Mini Motor Racing X has support for both PSVR and none PSVR modes meaning it can be enjoyed as you see fit. To support the PSVR mode the game has been re-imagined to ensure VR players get the best experience possible.

Mini Motor Racing X

Online multiplayer with up-to 4 people as well as couch co-op allows you and your friends to get together and race for victory in a bid to prove which of you is the best racer in head to head races.

For more information about the game check out the game’s official website here.

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