Monkey King: Hero Is Back
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Monkey King: Hero Is Back Out Now

THQ Nordic, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Oasis Games Limited have today have today launched Monkey King: Hero Is Back for PlayStation 4 and PC. A special ”Hero Edition” of the game has also been released.

Monkey King: Hero Is Back

Based on a Chinese film of the same name, Monkey King: Hero Is Back sees players take on the role of Dasheng, a monkey king who has unfortunately been imprisoned for 500 years, but is one day awoken by a young boy called Liuer. Liuer informs him that evil has taken over the world during his slumber, an evil that is stealing children and attacking townsfolks. Dasheng sets off on a journey to save the world from said evil.


  • Combination of comical oriental action and adventure
  • Simple controls and maneuverability
  • Unique and quirky weaponry
  • Easygoing pace
  • Family-friendly difficulty levels
  • Learn special abilities and extraordinary moves
  • A fascinating blend of Chinese Mythology and Eastern Art
  • Never-before-seen episodes and highlights from the movie
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