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Shape the world with your choices in Monochrome Order

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Monochrome Order sees you taking on the role of a newly appointed Arbiter, one of a select few people entrusted with the ability to make important, world changing decisions. With each of them being assigned to their own region of the world, yours being the Kingdom of Aidycil, it means that no two Arbiters face the same challenges and may have differing ideas on what constitutes as justice.  Arbiters are also capable of dealing with the miasma, an evil entity capable of creating monsters.


For the most part Monochrome Order plays like any typical 2D RPG, you control your character from a birds eye style perspective, navigating the world by using the left stick or d-pad and interacting with things by pressing A, while opening the menu is done so with Y. During battles the game switches to a side on view and you control what each party member does in a turn based manner. Unlike some other games where you can opt for an auto battle at the expense of missing out on special moves and such, this one simply allows you to speed things up while still letting you choose your actions, it really makes it a lot more approachable if you plan to do a lot of grinding.

Field BattleMonochrome Order Interior Battle

Rather than an overworld typical of what you might see in other RPGs, Monochrome Order opts for a sort of location based point selection screen, you click where you want the character to go and they’ll make their way there. You can still be attacked while travelling like this though so you have to be aware of that, the only way to avoid it is to pay to use one of the carriages to get to your destination.

You don’t always exit to the world map when you leave an area, for example when you leave Leybe, you’ll do so on foot and can walk back to your town through the forest. Personally, I like to walk there manually because you can walk the long way back in some cases and properly explore the game world, battling and finding all kinds of treasures along the way.

Monochrome Order Lebest ForestMonochrome Order Everdark Forest

The biggest draw to this game has to be the judgements you make, you have to go around and talk to people in an investigative manner, gathering up all the necessary facts before you make a decision. Choose carefully though because whatever you pick is permanent and it could lock you out of some different things down the line, for example I made a choice that spared a person and that person then decided to join my party. The judgements you make have an effect on the well being of your town so you really have to be mindful of the choices you make if you want everything to turn out well, I found that when I picked the option that I thought might have been the good one, it would have a negative affect on my town.

Monochrome Order Lower District

Naturally because the game involves so much decision it makes it a prime candidate for replayability since you’re probably going to want to go back and see how differently things might have turned out had you gone an alternative route. While the decisions do have a certain impact, there are only a few that change the world and these are usually signified by the glowing pendant your character wears.

To Conclude

Monochrome Order is one of those I really have to recommend you play for yourself, it’s very story heavy so there’s not much I could say about the game that wouldn’t spoil it. It’s a nice little RPG and it has a look to it that I personally really liked, everything seemed to fit together well and there was no disparity in the art style like you might see with some other RPGs published by KEMCO, like how it looks as though some assets are reused for example. The one thing I did notice while playing is that it doesn’t look as great as it should when you’re playing on a larger TV, so I’d recommend playing using a smaller screen if possible.

There are some small DLC (downloadable content) options to buy items that increase the amount of damage and experience among other things but chief among them is an item that allows you to see the outcome of judgements before you make them so you can better choose what you want to suit your play style. I’m not sure why you’d pay for this one in particular though since the judgements have to be accessed via a menu, meaning you’re not put on the spot to choose so you can save before you do so and load if you don’t like the outcome.

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