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Monster Jam Steel Titans Nintendo Switch Review

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Monster Jam Steel Titans puts you in the driver’s seat of a monster truck and has you performing stunts and racing against opponents, letting you live out your monster trucking dreams in digital form.

The Game

At its core Monster Jam Steel Titans is pretty much just your average racing game with little to set it apart other than the massive, bouncy machines we call monster trucks. It plays much the same way as any racing game does so you should be immediately familiar with the controls when you get into the action.

What is a little different from a more traditional racer is the way the monster trucks feel to drive, when they’re on the straights and flat areas they handle as smooth as butter but if you happen to take a jump and your angle is slightly off, you could wind up bouncing down the track and landing upside down, there’s also an option in to enable you to steer the back wheels with the right stick, independent from the front. The monster truck is so big and clumsy to drive when you’re at any significant speed that when you bump into almost anything it can send you tumbling off the track, luckily though the game will put you back on the track after a couple of seconds or if you’re feeling like you’re in a stunt performing mood there’s manoeuvre you can use to help get it back on its wheels, at least if you’re on your side anyway. The main problem when you go off the track is that it can be quite inconsistent, sometimes if you’re driving along and have a couple of wheels over the edge, it will detect you as being out of bounds and throw you back a bit and other times it can take a few seconds for it to put you back if you end up upside down. The game can be very unforgiving if you do go out of bounds because it takes no time at all for any of the other racers to swoop past you and leave you at the back of the pack with no real chance for you to catch up, especially if you’re prone to tumbling over, so you’ll often be at the bottom of the league table.

The career mode for Monster Jam Steel Titans seems a little strange in that it feels like there’s not much to it, you just go through your events in a big sequence without anything breaking it up in between, you don’t have the opportunity to tune up your car between races and it doesn’t even call any attention to the change in events. The fact that it plays all the events out in a big line kind of highlights the feeling that you’re going through the motions, it feels very lacking in the excitement department. The best way I can think to explain it is that there’s always a point when you play games that you feel like you’ve had enough for the day and it’s time to turn it off and play again another day, playing the events one after the other like that brings that feeling of wanting to turn it off much sooner. To add to that, the way the career worked had me wondering if I would be able to stop part way through and come back later or if I would have to start back from the beginning, luckily though it does keep track of where you are.

If you want to be able to play more of the career then you would have to play through all of the events for one series and at least come in the top three, something which is more difficult to achieve than it sounds considering what happens when you make mistakes. To make matters worse, something that should be a cool little feature can completely ruin the race for you, every so often the wheels on your monster truck will break and you have to stop and tap the button to complete a minigame to fix it, giving plenty of time for your opponents to pass you.

Personally I would say the best part about Monster Jam Steel Titans has to be the free drive mode, which the game loads you into by default and you can just drive about and go over jumps and bounce your monster truck about without consequences, there are also things for you to collect, though you’re limited to one area to start with and have to finish the series to unlock more of it. There are quite a few different event types but they don’t really feel any different to play which is a shame and the tracks available do get repeated a bit too often, you can also play in splitscreen by handing one of your Joycons to a friend but you’re limited to playing the selection of events and there’s no co-op career mode.

To Conclude

Monster Jam Steel Titans isn’t exactly the best racing game I’ve ever played, it has some moments where you might think it could be okay but those feelings quickly go away when the reality of the game kicks in when your monster truck is hurtling through the air, spinning around like a misfired firework. Some of the tracks are very bare and you really notice how small they are when there’s more than one player, to add to the negatives, the monster trucks can be so difficult to control with the way that they bounce around that one mistake can lead to you winding up at the back of the pack. Those aren’t even my worst complaints, the worst is that the game simply isn’t fun, it feels like you’re just going through the motions when you play it.

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