Morphies Law: Remorphed Review
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Morphies Law: Remorphed Review (Nintendo Switch)

Welcome to our Morphies Law: Remorphed review. Morphies Law: Remorphed is an online objective-based shooter featuring a red and a blue team. While the gaming world is full of this sort of game, Morphies Law: Remorphed adds a new and unique mechanic to the mix, one that sees you stealing mass to grow or losing it to shrink.

Originally starting off as Morphies Law on the Nintendo Switch back in 2018, the game has now launched on PC as Morphies Law: Remorphed with Nintendo Switch users getting a free update making their game the ”Remorphed” version. The PC version and Nintendo Switch version feature cross-play, so players across both platforms can play against one another.

Since this is an online game, a paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online is required. Unfortunately, mine had expired but my son’s is still active, which is why in screenshots you will see me named as Alf instead of Dom.

  • Morphies Law: Remorphed
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Cosmoscope GmbH
  • Publisher: Cosmoscope GmbH
  • Multiplayer: 1 – 8 Players Online And Locally
  • Available: 20/08/2018 (Nintendo Switch), 30/7/2019 (PC)
  • Price: £15.99 (U.K), $19.99 (U.S)
  • Age Rating: PEGI 7 (UK/EU), T (U.S)
  • Review Code Provided

Right off the bat, this game offers you a tutorial that helps you better understand the game’s mechanics. I would certainly suggest doing this tutorial just so you fully understand what you’re doing. It’s not complex but since it’s slightly different to other shooters it’s worth preparing before going into your first online match.

At first, I was admittedly terrible at this game, often getting my butt handed to me on a platter by players on the other team. It’s understandable as I’m not much of an online gamer. That said eventually once I fully got used to the environments and how the game works I started to perform much better, even if I still class myself as a ”Noob” on this game.

Morphies Law: Remorphed Review
Just one example of how this game looks in action.

There is an option to play offline against A.I and while it doesn’t offer much difference, it is a great way to practice and hone your skills before playing online. It will also allow you to get used to the layout of each of the game’s maps.

Size matters, a saying you’re probably used to hearing by now. Well, good because in Morphies Law: Remorphed, size really does matter. The main mechanic of this game sees you stealing mass from other players to increase your character’s size. Getting a successful hit allows you to steal mass, but get hit and whoever hit you will steal your mass. This adds a level of balance to the game that we don’t see often in other shooters.

Morphies Law: Remorphed Review
A victory I played a very tiny part in.

Your character’s size has a major effect on how you can navigate each of the game’s maps. A large character will have no problem getting on top of a building, while a small one can access small holes for a tactical advantage.

The size mechanic also makes for some truly humorous moments in Morphies Law: Remorphed. Your body isn’t in sync meaning one part of you, such as your legs or arms or even one leg or arm could be larger than other parts at any time, making for some humorous looking tiny headed, big-armed players.

Morphies Law: Remorphed Review
Leg day at the gym went well.

Character customization is fully present here alongside a leveling up system similar to that found in RPGs. Customization options include character appearance, moves and instruments they can play during intermissions on lobby screens. Weapons are also customizable with the ability to combine a weapon and special ability move together, allowing you to create weapons that fire ammo but also do other useful things such as shooting a team-wide oil that replenishes you and your team’s health while having a negative effect on the other team.

Purchasing customization options is done using bolts you collect while playing the game. It doesn’t take too long to collect many bolts to get you going. There a wide range of options to purchase but the prices obviously vary.

Leveling up is done in an RPG style with you earning experience for things such as kills and finishing matches on the winning team. The higher your level the better your base stats. Reaching certain levels also unlocks more customization options.

Customization menu.

When it comes to game modes, Morphies Law: Remorphed offers four of them and each one is pretty good. Unfortunately, though it can get a bit boring playing through each one. I feel the game would benefit with a few more modes added.

  • Morph Match – In this mode you and your team’s total mass adds up to create an avatar at the side of the map. As you and your team shrink or grow, so does your team’s avatar. The team with the largest one at the end of the match wins.
  • Head Hunt – Your team’s avatar has lost its head. It up to you and your team to find the head and place it back on your avatar. Once on you’ll have to protect it from the other team.
  • Mass Heist – In this mode, the aim is to deactivate the shield of the opposing team’s avatar and steal mass from it. You then take the collected mass and donate it to your own avatar.
  • The Masster – By far my favorite mode. This mode will have you and your team fighting to secure one of you as the biggest character in the match. However, if the biggest character dies the opposing team gets all of the mass from said character. This goes on until the clock ends and whichever team has the biggest character at the end wins.
The four modes on offer.

In conclusion Morphies Law: Remorphed is a pretty decent online shooter. It plays well and despite its unique mechanic it’s rather easy to get the hang of once you fully understand what you’re doing. A few more game modes would really benefit this game as I do sometimes find myself just getting bored of the four on offer.

That concludes our Morphies Law: Remorphed review. To purchase the game visit the eShop at the following links.

Nintendo eShop U.K – Morphies Law: Remorphed

Nintendo eShop U.S – Morphies Law: Remorphed

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