Micro Players

My Arcade Is Shipping Some New Micro Players

My Arcade, the go-to source for nostalgic gaming has announced it’s shipping a new line of Bandai Namco and Taito Micro Players. Micro Players are a great addition to any retro game collectors collection as they look like mini arcade machines with game-related marque artwork and are also fully functional.

Micro Players

The three latest titles to be given the My Arcade treatment are Taito’s, Bubble Bobble, and Bandai Namco’s, Miss Pac-Man, and Rolling Thunder. Each of these three titles brings ageless enjoyment and entertainment to the existing range of My Arcade Micro Players.

“We’re so excited to be bringing these classic titles to Europe,” commented Amir Navid, Creative Director for My Arcade. “Ms.PAC-MAN, needs no introduction, she is one of the most recognized and memorable arcades of all time, her iconic blue and pink cabinet was an honor to recreate in Micro Player format. BUBBLE BOBBLE is a beloved classic, its fun, addictive gameplay, catchy music and challenging pace contribute to it consistently being ranked among the best games of all time, ROLLING THUNDER is a cult classic, a forgotten gem, a must for those who love action spy movies, espionage, and exhilarating side-scrolling shoot-em-ups.”

If you want to get a better understanding of what a Micro Player is, check out a review we did a while back here.

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