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Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 Review

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The Controller

Arriving in a nice little box with no unnecessary packaging, the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller has all of the important information on display right from the start so the box isn’t loaded with hefty manuals and such. In the box you get the controller itself, a small cloth to clean it, a braided USB C cable to connect it to your PlayStation and finally three pairs of weights that weigh different amounts so you can adjust how heavy or light your controller is in accordance to your personal preferences. To top it all off the controller comes neatly nestled in a nice hard shell case so you can carry it around with you, ideal for those times if you’re visiting a friend to play some games and they only happen to have the one controller, or just if you fancy putting it away and don’t want it to get damaged.

The Revolution Pro Controller 3 is a pretty decent premium controller coming in at a lower price point than Nacon’s Revolution Unlimited, the review for which you can find here. Unlike the Revolution Unlimited, this one is purely a wired controller and has fewer features than its Unlimited sibling such as the lack of customisable analogue sticks and built in volume controls but it still performs just as well, you can still download an app on your computer alter the sensitivity of the triggers and sticks and you can also adjust the strength on the vibration if you choose to. Another good design choice with this controller is that while it can only be used while it’s connected to your device it does come with a lengthy braided USB C cable that can be disconnected so that you can store the controller safely in the provided case without having to wrap the wire around it.

There are three separate modes you can flick between while you’re using the Revolution Pro Controller 3 and these are defined as PS4, PS4 Advanced and PC. The PS4 setting is pretty self explanatory, it’s basically the default mode of the controller with nothing tweaked, the PS4 Advanced mode on the other hand comes with four different profiles that you can switch between based on the kind of game you’re playing and  while there are some different profiles already stored on the controller they can be set up and replaced based on your personal preferences. One good example of how you can tweak the controller aside from adjusting the sensitivity is that you can change the amount of directions registered on the D-pad between 8 and 4, this is very handy if you’re a fan of fighting games. Finally the last setting is the PC mode which, as far as I can tell, more or less functions the same way as the PS4 Advanced mode except you can have different profiles set up for your PC games and as far as the controller itself goes, using it on the PC is no different to using on the PlayStation, though if you have a Windows PC an issue I encountered was that it can mess with the drivers during installation and you might have to tell it to ignore the Windows settings for it to allow the Nacon companion program to do its job properly.

To Conclude

Nacon’s Revolution Pro Controller 3 is great to use and while not as advanced as the Unlimited variety there’s still plenty you can do with it that should fulfill even the most hardcore gamers’ needs. As well as that it’s comfortable to use, much more so than I expected given my preference for the traditional PS4 controller and the added abilities it has over the traditional one means that it could really help to give you an edge when it comes to competitive gaming. One thing I really liked about this one is that where you connect the USB cable to the controller is in a sort of well so that if you happen to accidentally drop it while it’s plugged in, you don’t have to worry about damaging the wire which is something that’s caused me to ruin more charge cables than I care to admit. On the other hand and rather disappointing but not really what I would call an issue, something I wasn’t too fond of is that even with the largest weights in, it still feels fairly light to me.

For those of you curious, I did test this controller in a number of devices and it also worked when plugged into a PS3 and a PlayStation Classic.

If you want to buy one of these controllers for yourself you can visit Nacon’s website where you can also find more information on the controller as well as their other products. You can find a direct link to purchase the Revolution Pro Controller 3 here.

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