Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3
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Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 Shipping Now

Nacon has today announced that their latest officially licensed PS4 controller, the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 is now shipping in Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and India.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3

A wired controller, the Pro Controller 3 has been designed specifically for competitive gamers but can be enjoyed by anyone. Performance and comfort are at the core of this latest entry into the Nacon Revolution family. With asymmetric analog sticks, and wider action buttons and triggers, this control aims to help you up your game in ways that the standard DualShock 4 just can’t. There are also two weight compartments within the controller giving you control over how heavy your controller is and digital software allows you to change many aspects from trigger sensitivity to button mapping amongst other things.

Nacon produces some pretty decent controllers, so it’s no surprise to see that Sony has yet again allowed them to officially license the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3. This means that the controller features official Sony PlayStation markings such as the PS logo and PS action buttons.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 Features

  • Wired connection via USB-C cable (3m length)
  • PS, SHARE, OPTIONS buttons
  • Touchpad
  • 4 shortcut buttons (S1/S2/S3/S4)
  • Dual customizable sticks with 46° amplitude
  • 4* or 8-way directional pad
  • 3.5mm headset jack for audio and chat
  • LED player status indicator
  • 2x customizable* vibration motors
  • Internal weight compartments and 6 additional weights included (2x10g, 2x14g, 2x16g)
  • Textured finish to the controller’s casing
  • Hard storage case included
  • Compatible with PC games in PC Advanced Mode**
  • Game mode selection button (1-PS4 / 2-PS4 Advanced / 3-PC Advanced**)
  • Profile selection button (4x PS4™ and 4x PC** profiles stored in the controller)

** PC mode not endorsed or tested by Sony**

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