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Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Review: What A PS4 Controller Should Be Like

Welcome to our Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro review. The Sony DualShock 4 is my favorite controller of all time, or at least it was until I got a hold of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro controller. Designed with eSports in mind this is a controller with professional gaming in mind, yet that doesn’t stop someone like myself who isn’t an eSports athlete from enjoying it. Whilst the customization options are amazing, the biggest thing by far about this controller for me is that it’s officially licensed by Sony to carry the PlayStation identity.

  • Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro
  • System: PlayStation 4, PC
  • Model: SLEH-00552
  • Colors: Jet Black
  • Available: Now
  • Price £149.99
  • Review Sample Provided


A premium controller deserves premium packaging and Nacon has spared no expense at ensuring the packaging is as attractive as possible for this controller. The box has pictures of the controller on it and plenty of information all against a black background with a Blue officially licensed PS4 banner at the top and a shiny sticker of authentication at the bottom. Since my controller was sent directly from Nacon in France my box is full of information in the French language, but typically the box is in the language of the country purchased from or English.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro review

Opening the box up reveals an EVA hard shell zip-up case that houses the controller in the packaging and can also be used for travel purposes or just keeping the controller safe when not in use. Inside this handy, well-made case is an area for the included 3-meter USB Type C Cable, the Bluetooth dongle, a small case containing weights and analog stick parts, and lastly the controller itself as well as a cloth to wipe it clean.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro review

Design and Build Quality

I’m not going to lie, there’s no denying that this controller bares a similarity to that of an Xbox One controller, from the asymmetrical analog stick layout to the overall shape of the controller, with the only things making it distinguishable from its platform rival the button markings, the touchpad, lights, and extra buttons around the rear. Usually, I’m not a fan of the Xbox One controller, but it seems that Nacon has taken the design and made something better of it with this controller.

At first, the location of the programmable buttons on each hand grip seems odd as they look like they would be easy to accidentally press but surprisingly I’ve found it easy to not accidentally press them at all.

Around the front of the controller is a familiar PlayStation button scheme including the famous Square, Triangle, Circle, and Cross buttons although instead of their typical colors they are each colored in Grey, a D-pad, an asymmetric analog stick layout, a touchpad with the PlayStation shapes making a pattern on it, the PS button, share button, option button, and a series of LED lights.

Turning to the backside of the controller reveals several additional buttons including a control panel for your connected headset, two programmable buttons on each handgrip, a profile switching button, a button that switches between wired mode and wireless mode, and a switch that allows you to switch between the two PS4 modes and PC mode. Each handgrip also features a rubberized removable plate that slots off to reveal a weight compartment and Nacon has provided three weights sets with the controller (10g, 14g, and 16g).

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro review Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro review

As well as the weight compartment for physical customization the controller also features customizable thumbsticks. There are two elements that can be customized on the sticks, the first is the joystick heads and you get two sets with the controller (concave and convex) and the second element is the joystick shafts which can be set up to deliver less or more travel thanks to three different sets of shafts (30°, 38° & 46°). Changing any of these parts is really simple and requires you to gently pull on the heads to remove them and then if replacing the shafts they simply lift off. Once you’ve got your shafts in place you simply line up the points on the thumbstick head with the holes in the stick itself and push down to securely click it into place.

One of my favorite visual aspects of the Revolution Unlimited Pro is a small but noticeable feature, the LED ring around the right analog stick. This ring can be set to one color or four different colors split into one quarter each using the Nacon PC software (more on that later).

At the top of the controller, you’ll find a USB Type-C port and bumpers and triggers, whilst at the bottom, you’ll find the 3.5mm audio jack for connecting your headset. The Revolution Pro Unlimited will work with any of your existing headsets that use a 3.5mm audio connection.

The build quality itself is astoundingly good, but then again at £149.99 you’d expect nothing less. Right from the get-go it’s easy to see how much time and effort has gone into designing this controller with its matt black rubberized front, rubberized handgrips, and solid plastic rear. This controller simply feels like it what it costs.

The last bit of the puzzle is the included Bluetooth USB dongle. Since the PlayStation 4 doesn’t allow anything other than its official controllers to connect wirelessly, a dongle is required and that’s rather unfortunate for someone like me who has one USB port taken up by a hard drive. This isn’t Nacon’s fault and I have to admit they’ve made a really decent dongle for the controller. It’s hinged so that it doesn’t stick out too much, but also to allow you to position it in a way that ensures a smooth uninterrupted gaming session each and every time.


Unfortunately, the battery life is a bit on the low side for this controller with only up to 7 hours per charge and if you’re a heavy gamer like me, you’ll be charging this thing every day. Thankfully it can be charged while playing by simply unplugging the dongle and connecting the controller directly to your system and using it in wired mode.

Keeping tabs on your controller’s battery level isn’t possible on the PS4 display unless you’re using a DualShock 4, but thankfully Nacon knows this and has equipped the Revolution Unlimited Pro with a set of four lights that can tell you your current battery level by simply holding the microphone button on the rear in for a few seconds. The first light will also flash when the battery is at a critically low-level warning you that it has not got much life left.

PC Software

As well as the controller’s physical customization options users are also able to program other things such as trigger sensitivity, vibration strength, LED ring color, and button mapping amongst other things for both PS4 and PC use. Admittedly the only thing I’ve changed so far with this software is the LED ring colors but having browsed through the software there are some things I love about it such as the ability to test each button and create different profiles as well as download ones other people have made.

For the most part, the software looks clean and smooth but unfortunately, it doesn’t really explain anything to you and instead leaves you guessing where you have to go and what certain functions are if you’ve not got any knowledge in the area.

A slight annoyance about the software is that to download it you must create an account with Nacon. A royal pain when I just wanted to get it plugged in and upgrade the firmware as quickly as possible.

In Use

Pulling away from my trusty DualShock 4, I started to use this controller the moment it arrived and have put it to the test with many games. One such game is the recently released Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD which requires a steady hand on the analog stick and this is where adjusting the distance of travel worked wonders for me with this game, allowing me to not push the stick too far and send my poor little monkey hurtling off an edge. In GRID I found the stiffer triggers to be of an advantage in giving me more control over my car’s acceleration and steering and even found myself taking on more power slides and coming out in a straight line. Then there’s Eastshade, a game with a lot of walking and painting and just as I have had in every other game I’ve played it with the buttons have been fantastically responsive to every action.


We’re at the end of our Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro review and it’s easy to see that the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro has taken the top spot of my favorite controllers away from the brilliant DualShock 4. Everything about its design to how well it handles has simply blown me away and even as someone who doesn’t partake in eSports I have found this controller to be a brilliant controller for games that require precision. The battery life and PC software are kind of disappointing but that doesn’t make the controller something I hate.

That concludes our Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro review. For more information about this controller check out the official website. If you’re after something a bit cheaper but still carrying the Officially licensed for PS4 badge then check out our review of the Nacon Asymmetric here.

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