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Never Give Up Review (Nintendo Switch)

Welcome to our Never Give Up Review. Never Give Up is a game that is designed to really get on your nerves, whilst at the same time encouraging you to never give up, but also encouraging you to give up, if that makes sense.

  • Never Give Up
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Massive Monster
  • Publisher: Armor Games Studios
  • Multiplayer: None
  • Available: 13th August 2019
  • Price: £12.09 (U.K), $14.99 (U.S)
  • Age Rating: PEGI 12 (UK/EU), T (U.S)
  • Review Code Provided

If you’ve ever played Super Meat Boy, then you’ll know just what level of difficulty to expect from this game. There’s no escaping the fact this is a solid game, and the game itself wears this proudly. From giant pits with spikes at the bottom to saw blades with very little room in the middle for you to jump through, this game is packed full of challenging obstacles.

In Never Give Up you’re tasked with navigating your little blue man through a series of levels or ‘rooms’ as they’re known in this game in a typical 2D sidescrolling fashion. Each room is full of deathtraps for you to overcome such as charging rhinos, lasers, and bombs amongst many other things. Never Give Up does change things a lot in terms of how levels are presented. Each room has five or six different variations, each one tougher than the last. To get to the next variation you have to complete the level you’re in, once you complete all five or six variations you have successfully completed the level.

Never Give Up Review
Just an example of one of the levels.

Despite being called Never Give Up and actively trying to convince you to keep trying, Never Give Up actually does allow you to give up if a level is really frustrating you. It does this using a big red button in the bottom left corner of the screen, known as the give up button. I have used this button a few times so far and have to admit I was quite amused by the message I received for giving up.

Your Award for giving up.

Once you have completed all rooms as a level set, you will be awarded an equally tough and frustrating boss fight. Unfortunately, these don’t come with the lovely give up button, which means many minutes to hours of frustration as you get your ass handed to you.

Never Give Up Review
The first frustrating boss of many.

Making levels even tougher is the addition of collectables such as a chemical vial and coins. The coins you collect unlock various outfits for your little brave blue man to wear but are often in very challenging positions within the rooms.

Never Give Up Review
At least you can die in style.

Rooms also feature a recommended time in which to beat all five or six variations. This is something for the hardcore players who can easily find their way through each one without dying 150 times.

It’s not all hard though, as the developers have been nice enough to include checkpoint flags in the rooms and there’s also no lives meaning you don’t have to worry about any pesky game over screens.

Each level is extremely well made with plenty of detail to go around. I particularly love how each time you die a bloody gruesome death, your blood stays behind to serve as a reminder of your demise.

In conclusion, Never Give Up is surely something that will please fans of extremely difficult games. A challenge from the very beginning with a great level of detail and a cool way of dishing out levels to keep challenge seekers happy.

That concludes our Never Give Up Review. To purchase the game on the Nintendo eShop, check out the links below.

Never Give Up U.K

Never Give Up U.S


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