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Next Gen Xbox Announced by Microsoft

During its E3 conference yesterday, Microsoft officially confirmed the existence of its next gen Xbox, known as “Project Scarlett” for the time being.

The next gen Xbox is set to launch in the holiday season of 2020, so that means sometime from October to December, just in time for the Xmas holidays. There are currently no details on the pricing.

Speaking at the conference, Microsoft described Project Scarlett as “the most powerful and highest performing console” that they have ever made.

Being the next gen Xbox, means alot of work has been put into the console to ensure it provides a decent gaming experience. Under the hood, its running custom AMD components and will feature an SSD as opposed to the standard HDD used this generation, which means faster loading times as well as the ability to use virtual RAM. It also features 8K graphics and ray-tracing.

Unlike with its Xbox One announcement, which seemed to be more about media than gaming, the next gen Xbox announcement has been about gaming, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer saying “For us, the console is vital and central to our experience. A console should be designed, and built and optimized for one thing, and one thing only – gaming.”

Microsoft has also confirmed that the launch game for the console will be Halo Infinite, but that isn’t the only game for launch and we will, of course, see more in due time.

Next Gen Xbox

The next gen Xbox won’t just play next gen games either, it will be compatible with all 3 previous Xbox console games. Meaning your current library will still be accessible on the new console. Microsoft has done an amazing job with backward compatibility with the Xbox One, so there’s no doubt the new console will handle it with ease.

As is the case with the reveals, not much else has been said and we also haven’t seen the console in the flesh. We will now most likely see more of it in the coming months but nothing major until next year’s E3.


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