NFS Heat Launch Trailer
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NFS Heat Launch Trailer Crosses The Line

EA and Ghost Games have been so blown away by the many millions of sweet ass rides that have been created in the NFS Heat Studio application. Announcing last month that on average players spent at least 24 minutes within the app, creating stylish and unique designs with over 2 million created. Out of these rides, five were selected to star in the NFS Heat launch trailer.

Over 100,000 fans who created a ride on the app were also selected to receive their own version of the launch trailer featuring their ride as the hero car. Celebrities and brands such as French Montana, A$AP Ferg, BMW, Aston Martin, and Honda also joined in on the trailer fun.

NFS Heat Launch Trailer

Need For Speed Heat set to launch on November 8th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC will send racers to Palm City, a brand-new open-world environment where racers can race in sanctioned events to earn bank by the day and take place in underground night races to earn rep. Check out the NFS Heat launch trailer below.

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