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Nintendo Switch Makes Completing Games Easier According to British Fans

Apparently, according to us British people, it’s much easier to complete games on  Nintendo Switch, than anywhere else. This comes from a video uploaded to YouTube by the European arm of Nintendo.

Okay, okay settle down, for those of us who can complete games on any system, the video is actually focusing on the Switch’s portable capabilities, and with this in mind it’s easy to see why people say this. Just read the video description and it’s also very obvious.

“With Nintendo Switch you can play anytime, anywhere, meaning you can actually complete your games! We caught up UK Nintendo fans to see what they’ve completed and what they’re looking forward to finishing next!”

Nowadays most people lead busy lives with very little time at home, where game consoles are typically based. The Switch changes that by offering a two in one home/portable solution that be played wherever you are, from your couch to the toilet at work. This means the very busy public can set about playing games like Zelda: Breath Of The Wild or Mario Kart 8 in between those busy hours of their working day.

Nintendo Switch

While I personally spend most of my Switch time connected to a T. V, there are moments where I go portable such as when my son is playing the Xbox or PS4 or my partner is watching rubbish. I suppose if I didn’t work from home I’d be using it as a portable console, a hell of a lot more.

Check out the video below.


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