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Northgard Review of the Viking Adventure

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Northgard embarks on a Viking journey building up settlements across six clans and eight different terrain types, with three game modes to choose from with a single-player skirmish mode allowing access to the game world settings altering the difficulty, map type, clans and match type making it more customized to your taste and experience, this mode also allows you to play the Ragnarok game mode. A story mode following the Viking Prince Rig as he journeys for vengeance against Hagen of the Raven Clan for having ambushed his clan killing his father High King Hargurorf and stealing a precious heirloom, The Regal Horn, a relic of great importance representing Rigs’ royal lineage. Rig will journey across Northgard as you learn the skill traits of each clan and how they best function, each time starting a new chapter with a different objective for victory, whilst explaining how best to thrive under the harsh cold and brutal wasteland of the Northgard and finally a multiplayer mode that allows you to test your survival strategies against real people or work together to achieve common goals.


Playing through Northgard was really enjoyable as I learned how to play, starting off was a little difficult, understanding and balancing my tasks to benefit my clan. I found myself building slowly as I felt I came to grips with Northgard but as it progressed and I attempted to increase my size, I found I came across difficulties such as random attacks and my clan being randomly unhappy. Having attempted to complete the mission multiple times it did start to annoy, but slowing down I realized rather than blitzing upgrades or building more of something, allowing them to store and trading them or using the excess helped me to progress quicker overall. Despite my trials on my mission I made a fatal mistake, my goal was clear yet I got distracted attempting to build and grow as large as possible causing me to be unprepared when attacks were imminent. I failed to create soldiers having assigned all my people to jobs I was doomed yet again. Finally, I decided to give my head a shake and try again, this time building up just enough to progress ensuring I completed my mission. As the missions went on the clans changed, some thriving off war others farming and herding learning their traits and the different ways to win and rule Northgard, whilst fending off attacks from Helmhiem, wild beast and other clans.

Northgard cutscene


Skirmish and Multiplayer were more or less the same, offering a single-player experience or a joint one, playing multiplayer was a lot of fun with different modes to choose from, you can balance teams or have an all-out free for all. If allied with another player you can trade with them and are alerted to any attacks that happen to them offering you the chance to assist. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch hasn’t as many online participating players as PlayStation and Xbox making online games a little more scarce, but not impossible adding players you meet can help to encourage more games and enhance the game further.

Graphics and Audio

Graphically, Northgard is really pretty, looking like an almost painted in style, with a top-down God camera mode zooming in and out. The characters each have individual looks based on position as they regularly change going to the houses between jobs, other clans also look different using different color markings and even different clothing. The audio offers a diverse range of sound incorporating each of the sounds local to villagers and monsters increasing in volume as you get closer, with wind and background music accompanying it. Check out a short clip below.

Shiro Games

Northgard has been developed and published by Shiro Games, based in Bordeaux France they passionately strive for excellence. They allow for change, welcoming new ideas and influence with open arms, making bold new decisions every day. Having released Evoland one and two as well in addition to Northgard, Shiro Games have begun building a fantastic collection of games with a beautiful style and addictive gameplay.


Overall Northgard is good to play, the story brings you in teaching you how to play but doesn’t have any autosave, meaning failure causes a restart and although enjoyable can become repetitive. Occasionally I found that the game crashed after putting a lot of work in but despite this, I still really enjoyed playing taking every restart as a chance to do better, the game could have done with more statistical information or further upgrades expanding the length of play.