Numskull Geeky Xmas Sweaters Lineup

Numskull Geeky Xmas Sweaters Lineup Announced

A fresh lineup of Numskull Geeky Xmas Sweaters has been announced today on October 1st. The 1st of October, a time to think about Halloween and all those sweets you can steal from your kids, but not for the folks at Numskull who seem to be in a festive mood.

Numskull Geeky Xmas Sweaters Lineup

Skipping Halloween altogether, Numskull has opted to debut its new lineup of Xmas sweaters featuring your favorite movie characters, game characters, and gaming brands. Available for both adults and kids these sweaters will certainly be an improvement over that one your nanna knitted for you.

The Range

  • Official ‘Gremlins’ Xmas Sweater
  • Official ‘Ghostbusters’ Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Spyro the Dragon’ Fairisle Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Fallout’ Vault Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Spider-Man’ Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Iron Man’ Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Deadpool’ Unicorn Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Rocky’ Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Star Wars’ I Am Your Father Christmas Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Wolverine’ Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Xbox’ Achievement Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Harry Potter’ House Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Batman’ vs. Joker Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Harry Potter’ Great Hall Xmas sweater (kids’ sizes)
  • Official ‘DC’ Robin & Riddler Xmas sweater (kids’ sizes)
  • Official ‘The Beatles’ Xmas Sweater (exclusive to

These sweaters add onto the existing lineup which has been brought into this year, so not only do you have the choice of all these new ones, but also some previous ones as well. So if you want to be the envy of the office party this year, what are you waiting for? Get ordering soon from the red link above, or you can just wear your nanna’s sweater and be laughed at. The choice is yours.

Numskull Geeky Xmas Sweaters Lineup Numskull Geeky Xmas Sweaters Lineup


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