Nacon Asymmetric Wireless PS4 controller
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Play Differently With The Nacon Asymmetric Wireless PS4 Controller

Symmetrical isn’t always perfect and that’s why the Nacon Asymmetric Wireless PS4 controller exists. Officially licensed by Sony as a third-party accessory, this controller offers a decent alternative to the already great DualShock4.

Nacon Asymmetric Wireless PS4 controller

Instead of a symmetrical stick layout, the Nacon Asymmetric Wireless PS4 controller features an asymmetrical stick layout similar to that of the one found on Xbox One controllers. Along with this layout, the controller also offers complimentary ergonomics for extra comfort during play.

A combination of Bluetooth and a wireless Bluetooth dongle are used to connect the controller to the PS4 system. The dongle also allows you to use a headset through the controller just like you would with an official DualShock 4. A 7m working range ensures you stay securely connected with no interruptions throughout your playtime.

Nacon Asymmetric Wireless PS4 controller

As well as the standard buttons and touchpad found on PS4 controllers, the Asymmetric Wireless PS4 controller also features a battery indicator button located on the rear which will allow you to see how much battery life remains in the controller without you having to interrupt your game.

Alongside the PS4 connectivity, this controller is also compatible with PC gaming. The PC functionality of the controller hasn’t been tested or endorsed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in any country.

With an RRP of £49.99 in the U.K, its price is the same as a standard DualShock 4 Controller. This price, the alternate layout and the fact it’s officially licensed make it a brilliant alternative to Sony’s own controller.

Nacon Asymmetric Wireless PS4 controller

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