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PlayStation 3 Gets New Firmware Update

Yes, you read that title right, the PlayStation 3 has received a new firmware update which brings this legacy system’s version number to 4.85. Just a few days ago Sony also updated the amazing but already forgotten Vita’s firmware.

PlayStation 3

Both of these updates don’t add anything new or exciting to these two aging systems and instead only bring some improvements for the performance of the systems (A.K.A making hacking/piracy harder). This means wannabe console hackers/modders will have a slightly harder time tinkering with the system files, even if it’s only for an hour or so after the firmware release, that, said difficulty exist.

If you’re still running a PlayStation 3 or even a Vita, make sure to fire it up and install this new and ever so exciting update that brings a world of performance issue fixes your way. If you’re wanting to hack your console (shame on you) then avoid this update. Remember kids piracy hurts the gaming industry a lot, so don’t be a dick.

PlayStation 3

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