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PlayStation Assist, Because Who Needs Humans?

It would appear that Sony has an ace up its sleeve in regard to the upcoming PS5 console. This ace is known as PlayStation Assist which is a hint system designed to help players out using an artificial intelligence system when they’re stuck. This information comes directly from an official patent document that fully outlines what PlayStation Assist would be able to do.

PlayStation Assist is likely to be your best friend if you’ve ever found yourself having to pause your game and pick up your mobile phone to look for a video tutorial or walkthrough guide after hitting a dead-end in a game. It’s expected to be able to do this by highlighting and pointing out areas of interest. So say, for example, you’re playing a complicated RPG game and have completely forgotten where to go or can’t figure out how to reach something, PlayStation Assist will highlight the areas required to continue onward.

According to the patent document, PlayStation Assist is most likely to be controlled using your voice, which means no typing questions out on an on-screen keyboard and instead simply asking the console something such as, where do I go next?

Alongside the console version, a mobile phone version is depicted and will allow users to receive additional information from both console and mobile queries, such as diagrams and explanations. Mobile users will have the choice of typing or using a hot word, similar to ‘Ok Google’.

At this moment in time, it’s hard to tell if developers will have to implement PlayStation Assist into their games or if the PS5 will somehow work things out by itself. It is, however easy to see that this will definitely be a much-used feature by myself and many others.

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