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Presenting Gun Gun Pixies, brought to you by PQube and presenting the developers Compile Heart, starting with some upbeat dance music bopping you though to a colourful start menu, with a sombre tone of purple and blue used in conjunction with its star girls to seduce you into play. Choosing from three selections; there is a Story mode, a Deck and the options. The Deck is a shop and customiser station for your characters, offering a change of weapon, scope, costume and even your underwear, getting to switch between two main characters; Bee-Tan Usamael and Kame-pon Kameriel. Both are dressed in uniforms of sorts and drawn in true anime fashion with huge breasts, mini skirts and the infamous boob bounce mechanic.

Gun Gun Pixies Review

Characters at Play

Bee-tan and Kame-pon are an alien species from the planet Pandemo, working for its military they are considered failures or rejects because of their close friendship with each other. Given an opportunity by their commanding officer Almars, who believes their closeness will be the key to their success in saving their race. For their job as a special alien agent you are equipped with advanced weaponry designed to distribute happiness particles on its target. You must defend yourself from the devastating effects of the human auras made manifest, from the pains of worry and stress. Your mission is to secrete your happiness all over your targets, young beautiful women in the midst of their daily lives. Shooting them hard to help them climax, releasing their endorphins, whilst dodging or shooting the incoming negative auras. The negative energy dispersed by the girls is harmful to Bee-tan and Kame-pon, being hit repeatedly causes major physical damage tearing off your clothes leaving you in a birthday suit of trouble.

Gun Gun Pixies Review Gun Gun Pixies Review


Pandemo standing on the forefront of the universe with technology beyond comprehension, despite being tiny a force to be reckoned with. Knowing of its own impending doom, caused by the negative emotion and seclusion of society. Commander Almars of the Pandemo Military recruits Bee-tan and Name-pon for an expedition to the planet Earth, they are to observe and learn from the humans in hopes that they can save themselves from destruction.

A Deeper Look

With a really funny story, filled with the friendly banter of girls as the try to keep each other in line across the stars, an adventure like no other. Giving a pre-taster level to get your juices flowing, before then launching you head long into the bosom of the climactic story. On a deeper note though, despite its flashy, slightly perky appearance Gun Gun Pixies homes in on a much deeper plot and meaning. Looking at society’s flawed need to close off the world and live secluded in our own realities looking through the guise of technology and makes a point about social interactions being an important part of a species’ survival. A whole cast of girls with their own individual personalities and life problems, each interacting and growing fonder with the help of Pixie Team and overcoming a diverse range of issues including social anxiety and anorexia.

Gun Gun Pixies Review Gun Gun Pixies Review

Moving On

After amusing cutscenes of banter between Bee-tan, Kame-pon and Almars as they discuss the pretence of their mission you are brought to a girl’s dorm room where you are to learn about the social interactions between them and assist where necessary. Removing smells that are causing strife between the students and helping them to bond, releasing their tensions by destroying negative auras. The story only growing much deeper with the appearance of mysterious new visitors and global pandemics. A sinister presence emerges, spreading its slime trying to please the ladies whilst avoiding and destroying the squids invading.

Gun Gun Pixies Review


Continuing on through the game you accumulate coins as you traverse through warp gates, shooting the girls and solve mysteries causing disarray. Building up a stash of coins will help you to purchase some pretty naughty upgrades, overall its a pretty good game. Showing it has thought about greater issues and used colourful environments explorable to the player, with its adult themes throughout the game and entertaining gameplay.

That concludes our Gun Gun Pixies review. Gun Gun Pixies is available now on Nintendo Switch and can be purchased here from Amazon.