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Projection: First Light News and Trailer

Blowfish Studios once again blowing our minds with another stunning title, introducing Projection: First Light with Original IP and development coming from Shadowplay Studios.

A cleverly informative, gripping tale. Projection: First Light embodies the atmospheric aspects of shadow puppetry. Manipulating the contrasts of light and dark to create imaginative scenes and characters to captivate its audience. All effort has been made during development using authentic antique instruments, that were originally used during shadow puppet performances. A fascinating sense of realism as though visiting the theatre.

Projection: First Light Projection: First Light

Enjoy this cultural adventure of Greta across Indonesia, China, Turkey, Greece and 19th century England. All in a surreal shadow puppet universe, riddled in myths and legends. Greta growing in wisdom see’s that her path to enlightenment will be difficult, and regularly recruits the assistance of legendary heroes dotted through world cultures.

The founder of Shadowplay Studios, Micheal Chu had this to say.

“The idea behind Projection: First Light went off like a lightbulb in my head when I recalled playing with shadows on a wall as a child,” said Michael Chu, Founder, Shadowplay Studios. “After toying with light manipulation at a game jam, we discovered the concept had a number of wonderful gameplay applications, which we hope to share with the gaming community along with the rich art and history behind shadow puppetry when Projection: First Light releases early next year.”

Take this inspirational journey and learn from its teachings of the mysterious history surrounding shadow puppets, progressing through the ages and surviving the test of time. Check out its release trailer below.

Coming soon to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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