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PS Plus Members Can Get Some Games For As Little As 19p Right Now

We all love a good sale especially when it comes to games, which is why I was happy to see that a few games on the PS Plus discount page are being sold at almost 100% off.

Whilst we don’t often write about sales, I felt this one was too good to miss with games such as Real Farm (a farming simulator) dropping from £34.99 to a measly 0.24p and Shiny – A Robotic Adventure dropping from £12.99 to 0.14p, making both these games in total cost 0.38p together which is a bargain for that bit of extra fun. There are a few other games on the list as well and it’s well worth taking a look if your after something different to play but have very little cash until payday.

PS Plus

It’s important to note that these deals are exclusive to PS Plus subscribers only, but none subscribers can still get some of these games for a pretty low price, such as Real Farm which will only cost none subscribers £1.99 in the sale.

To see all the games that are currently on sale at low prices exclusive to PS Plus members check out the links below.

Exclusive PS Plus Discounts


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