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PS5 Logo Revealed And It’s Really Nothing Different

At CES 2020 yesterday evening, Sony gave us another glimpse into their next-generation console, the PS5. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a reveal on the scale of Microsoft’s recent Xbox Series X reveal where we actually saw the console, nope this is simply the much less exciting reveal of the PS5 logo, something that is much lower down on the list of stuff we want to see.

The new logo is very much similar to the PS4 with two exceptions, it’s slightly rounder and the 4 is now a 5. I mean it’s ok but it’s not really what I wanted to see, just show us the damn console already Sony!

PS5 Logo

Along with the logo, Sony also confirmed the holidays 2020 release date and a few specs such as 3D audio support and the use of SSDs over HDDs for their much better performance and loading times, and an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive.

Grievances aside, it’s still good to have some more PS5 news, even if it’s just a simple graphic designed for marketing purposes. Sony has promised her some more news in the coming months and given that the PS4 in all its glory was revealed in February we could see something next month.

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