Race With Ryan
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Race With Ryan Out Now For Consoles and PC

Outright Games in partnership with P.W Games has released Race With Ryan, the first-ever console game based on the highly popular Ryan from Ryan Toys Review, now known as Ryan’s World. If you have young children who have set foot into the world of YouTube then you’ll know exactly who Ryan is. Working alongside his family, Ryan, a seven-year-old boy is behind one of the world’s largest kid content YouTube channels.

Race With Ryan

Race with Ryan allows players to race as Ryan and his friends across multiple worlds full of wonder. A four-player VS mode allows up to 4 players to get together around one system and play in split-screen.

“We are delighted to be a part of today’s launch of the first ever ‘Ryan’s World’ console video game, working with one of the biggest YouTube creators in the world, to create something that has never been seen before,” said Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games. “Race With Ryan is the embodiment of family friendly gaming that we here at Outright Games are proud to create every day. It’s colourful, hilarious fun with friends and family and brings one of the world’s biggest kids’ entertainment franchises to a must-play interactive experience for a brand-new audience.”

P.W Games by Pocket.Watch which successfully launched earlier this year has successfully brought many different mobile games to the market and the release of Race With Ryan marks their first-ever console game.

“From the start, we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of success from our titles, and P.W Games is excited to partner with Outright Games and Sunlight Entertainment to bring ‘Race With Ryan’ to console and PC’s everywhere,” said Greg Hayes, VP of Games & Publishing, pocket.watch. “We see a genuine connection between gaming and families, and when you add a trusted brand like ‘Ryan’s World’ into the mix, it creates a shared, authentic experience that can be enjoyed by all.”

“We had so much fun as a family when helping to create this game,” said Ryan’s father, Shion Kaji. “Players will see and hear Ryan and the beloved characters from Ryan’s World as they experience the exciting race gameplay in different magical lands.”

Race With Ryan can be brought digitally on consoles and PC and physically from most U.S retailers for $39.99, whilst here in the U.K the physical version of the game is exclusively sold at Smyths Toys for £29.99.

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