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Redeemer Enhanced Edition Xbox One Review

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Getting Started

Redeemer Enhanced Edition starts with some comic book style cutscenes narrated by the main character, Vasily, talking about how that day was supposed to be his one thousandth morning of peace but instead he’s interrupted by heavily armed mercenaries laying waste to everything around him and killing or capturing the monks he now called family. The goal of the game is to fight your way through the hordes of enemies to rescue the few surviving members of Vasily’s brotherhood but as you progress it becomes more about freeing Vasily from the hold his past has over him. Pretty standard stuff as far as the story is concerned. The gameplay itself was so engaging that I found myself to be very uninterested in why he was doing what he was, I just enjoyed playing.


Redeemer Enhanced Edition is a top down brawler type of game, the style really suits this game more than I initially thought it would and really adds a element to the game that makes it feel incredibly fast paced. It’s easy to pick up and start enjoying immediately, no annoying pauses for tutorials, the game tells you everything you need to know via handy controller prompts at the bottom of the screen. The controls are perfectly responsive, fast and fluid enough that you can execute combos easily or roll away from enemy attacks, even during the sections where you need to have precise movement to avoid area hazards the controls never hinder your progress.

Vasily has a number of ways to defeat his enemies at your disposal; standard quick punches that can be combined with kicks for devastating combos, as well as a small range of firearms and a fairly large selection of melee weapons. It gives a nice variety to the gameplay since you can switch between melee and gun play as needed though you don’t get to keep the weapons you pick up indefinitely as each one has a limited amount of durability or ammunition respectively.  Along with the standard moves you can also pick up objects and throw them at your enemies, this move seems a little over powered at the beginning where it can defeat most in a single hit.

Possibly my favourite thing about the game are the environmental kills, stand near an object, press the button and you’re treated to a bloody and gory finisher. The kind of finisher you get to see depends on the item you’re standing close to but there is a great variety of objects to slam your opponent into, too many to list, even playing through the whole game I don’t think I discovered all of the different environmental finishers.

Redeemer boasts an impressive upgrade system where the more you use punches, guns etc. they level up and allow you to unlock new abilities. There are monk skills and soldier skills; the soldier skills upgrade the firearms which allows them to deal more damage or increase their shot range, among other things and the monk skills upgrade your melee abilities allowing you to perform charged attacks or deal more damage from weapons you can pick up. Both of the skill groups have a top skill which levels up as you build up the separate weapon or melee skills. The good thing about those skills is that you can keep them even when you replay missions so you could play the whole game again if you wanted to and be as overpowered as you are at the end of the game, they even carry over to the arena mode. If you’re having trouble building up these skills, there are manuscripts and tablets you can find that will allow you to force the level of any skill up by one each time; tablets for soldier skills and manuscripts for monk skills.

To Conclude

I didn’t know whether or not I would enjoy Redeemer all that much with it being a top down sort of game and being the kind of person who usually prefers my action a little closer. I can say for certain now, after having played it that if I had shied away from it I would have been missing out on a truly fantastic game. It controls well and there’s plenty of gore for those of you out there who like a little crimson with your game. The only issue I had with it was on levels where there was a lot going on, I’m not sure if it was the amount of enemies on screen or the post processing effects but I encountered some slow down which also gave the appearance of smearing or blurring. It wasn’t too much that it hindered my ability to play but it was incredibly noticeable, here’s hoping it gets fixed in a future patch.

Since Redeemer is a fairly short game, there’s not really much more I can say about it other than if this sounds like something you’d like to play, it’s definitely worth buying. For those of you interested in the mean time or you just need some extra convincing, you can watch our whole playthough of the game with the video below;

If you want to find out more about this game you can visit this link for the official site.

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