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Rest In Pieces Review (Nintendo Switch)

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A Nintendo Switch game review for R.I.P – Rest In Pieces.


From the creators of Pebble Universe and Pukk and most notably recognised on mobile devices for their innovative casual games. The Swedish video game studio Itatake, has developed an absolute soul-shaking adventure for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices with R.I.P – Rest In Pieces. In the darkest recesses of the mind trapped in an eternal nightmare, souls being consumed by terrifying demonic forces as they pull you helplessly toward them. Your life-force has been trapped in a dark and garish world where evil dominates, confining you to the delicate form of porcelain dolls.


As you are rapidly reeled toward an impending doom you are to try and awaken from the nightmare and free yourself from confinement. To do so you have to avoid at all cost the numerous debris that litters the path ahead, swinging your fragile self from left to right as you collect gems of red and yellow. At three stages you hit a wall of light to help combat the enormous foes, shooting a light blast enraging the beast as you get ever closer. After the third barrier the dark demon will begin to crumble and you will suddenly awaken now free of the nightmare.

Rest In Pieces Review


There are overall a total of six stages consisting of vile enemies such as a demonic clown, Dracula and even a yeti. Across the six stages are eighteen completely different porcelain characters for you to choose from, each having its own playable level unlock-able by using the yellow gems collected during your nightmare. With an additional three costumes per character, purchasable with the use of the red gems scattered through varying levels, each doll has unique physics whilst you swing, altering the way it controls; for example some spin uncontrollably making it difficult to control and others may be longer or wider.

Rest In Pieces Review Rest In Pieces Review

Gameplay Experience

Graphically Rest In Pieces isn’t anything special with a plain use of shapes on the environment without the visible use of textures, but even so, the atmospheric effect achieved by the use of light and dark really does create a dark and intense experience. The giant enemy ahead also only uses a low amount of graphics, more so than the environment but they are certainly terrifying enough, with facial and movement animation including creepy lit eyes that seem to follow you, still being rather intimidating as it roars angrily when you evade capture and shoot it in the face. On the other hand, although a little cartoony the porcelain dolls are much more detailed with the shine of light giving off a sense of realism, you could imagine a shelf full… a disturbing thought in the notion they are all trapped souls. The eerily added music and sound effects that accompany the game really spark a set of anxious emotions, driving you to the very edge of your seat as your feet twitch, and you tip in time with your swinging doll nearly falling as the beasts roar scarily. The sound of your shiny surface scratching the debris as you barely make it past an obstacle, or crashing devastatingly to the ground with an awful smash sound. Rest In Pieces is an exciting play, pushing your patience and intimidating you as you take risks, occasionally using your abilities to prevent destruction. Saving yellow gems comes in handy when you fail as you can be afforded a few retries on your turn, helping you to awaken from your nightmare, but completion in a single life will also complete a hardcore objective.

Rest In Pieces Review


Rest In Pieces is a lot of fun to play, becoming only addictive as you nervously dodge doom. Playing alone or passing around with friends to try to unlock and awaken all of the souls. Well worth taking the time to play and can be purchased from Nintendo Switch online store here.