Ritual: Crown Of Horns
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Ritual: Crown Of Horns Coming Soon To Nintendo Switch

In case you missed the announcement about Ritual: Crown Of Horns releasing in Q4 of this year for Nintendo Switch, here it is again (well mostly because we missed it too). There’s no exact date yet, but given how far through the year we are now, it shouldn’t be much longer.

Ritual: Crown Of Horns is a top-down twin-stick shooter featuring an alternate Wild West setting. There are plenty of action-packed levels, each one uniquely designed to put you and your weapons to the test in all-out bloody combat.

Ritual: Crown Of Horns

The game is a tale of two very unlikely characters, one of whom is a bounty hunter risen from the dead and the other a witch who aids him with the use of powerful rituals to help him further his own mysterious goals.

Stay tuned for more information as we’ll be sure to update you when a proper release date is announced. In the meantime, check out this link for more information about the game.

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